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geronimo 888

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  • Birthday 03/18/1979
  1. nice haul bro. wah masih hunting lagi ke ?
  2. congrates kelvin, u are still king of t-hunt . is it for sales?
  3. i am dam lucky not in the photo. i just beh tahan c all the photo.
  4. Bro RGSUKAN- nak banyak banyak ' pengedaran susu ' kenapa? aku memang mata merah tengok u punya haul.
  5. wei Rayz u memang tau i work full shift come more canot got. can ask lagi
  6. very funny u siad u did go there but now u said u were at the opening??
  7. hi Nick welcome to HWC Malaysia- "where all Hot Wheels car are produce "
  8. geronimo 888

    Devil Haul

    Dear CKH, ayo i love your drag bus. must be dam expensive. ada lebih jual lah
  9. wei skamoto now your turn racun me with your funny car hah
  10. i am for sure wanna attend this dinner. since i am from 'kampung'
  11. Arttt- the king of t-hunt 2010. cya lah bro dapat 2 $uper lagi. i wish get 1 $uper . u dam lucky man
  12. geronimo 888

    new arrival

    tahniah- Hasan semoga dapat gonchang tulang banyak banyak.
  13. yush- congrates, kete ini lebih baik dari T-hunt, kira 'bapak' kepada semua t-hunt
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