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  1. Sell me the beetle cup car?? Pm or call me
  2. 2010 Treasure Hunt pm price of this set
  3. here you go.... my friend go over seas... he bought them in euros.... for your viewing pleasure.
  4. sakamoto


    pm me price for the hw mini mr bean....
  5. madam around sleep early ......wonder what are you doing....???
  6. ecto 1 i also wan..........
  7. yeah but piss off cos kena play out....i hentam his trader kau kau.... my style, you respect me i surely very respect you......like that than can find friend ma.... where got the a**hole ask me send , he see not like and send back...already show photo ma...
  8. hey bros, update, i recieved the damage box, but to my supprise, its inside car all not damage, maybe he bully because i am new bie or he open the box and decide he didn't like it, so he send me back???
  9. Take it with a deep breath and *ptui* onto the ground i like this quote....a lot
  10. ucb you could be right.... but he recieve with in 12 days...
  11. he like bo chap attitude...i also dunno....
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