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burn rubber

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  1. bought this today, when for routine check and found this in Jusco my 1st HW aston martin, the pontiac is very nice very NASCAR feel, my second shelby cobra bought the 1st one some time ago but dont want to uncard it so get a second one for display but then decide to keep both carded. the stingray and scoopa i came back for them after that couldn't bare to see them part away with their friends in the same box . i been exercise my will a lot to keep all my HW in card. havent been open up any HW since May.
  2. ckh: yes, finally my best score ever. now looking for the gtx jhc: nice catch indeed, yesterday night went to sleep happily RG: thanks, really hope it to be fast best can find it today
  3. the white colour funny car very cun, i only manage to haul the purple one must start to look for that too
  4. finally my second ecto-1 and this time i find it myself, the feeling is...priceless. i get that ecto-1 and funny cars at one 7-11 almost miss the ecto-1 cause they put it other place for the promotion. yes promotion 5.90 !! the stock car and MB audi found it at another 7-11 thought i try my luck no ecto-1 anymore but still the MB audi looks nice. when i found the ecto-1 i accidentally give out a smirk of joy and people in the store all looks at me, i quickly pay and go lol
  5. burn rubber

    Non-7E Hauls

    nice haul, *wrote them down in my list*
  6. 2 boxes..sapu all....congrats.. nice colour shifter
  7. envy sia!!! scalper free zone. but i dont like gangster
  8. always like muscle GMC was quit hard to get but not javelin i see a lots here
  9. well seems like can't do anything bout it. this problem is going to go on and on. i can see scalper on the opposite road Scalper : join us at the dark side..... me: neverrrrr.......
  10. i feel like i am sinking into a bottomless hole. 1st muscle car 2nd sports car 3rd hot rods 4th tracks star 5th different colours 6th leaving carded. i afraid later i will start to buy in dozen of a same mold like all the "sifu" here.
  11. ok, enough troubled people with the issue of scalper. over here i going to show some of my new haul which i get on Sunday. all just basic car but, my favorite of all is twin mill and vega good colour scheme and nice molding. the motorhome i open for the race but only score 3:00 so i open up another one one mustang shelby and manage to score 2:51 because i decide to keep the rest carded so i just stick to the final score.
  12. basic cars also must collect, t-hunt i only looking for certain mold only. but what trouble is me is because of scalper, i never had a chance to find those t-hunt on my own, have to buy from people just lost the fun and excitement of finding it on your own. some more my hati feel tak senang only after i hear they say all t-hunts are "booked"
  13. i already ask the staff already, and they were "kind" enough to told me already "booked", this show that they don't know the meaning of t-hunts so i don't blame them. but anyway maybe i try to talk to them again, maybe make up story tell them t-hunts can be sell for RM1000 make the scalper life hard .
  14. i talk to the person incharge in a good manner, i was asking if i could have the person number so i could contact him as a hot wheels fans maybe to chat or trade but they say they wan to ask the person 1st if they can do that. as for 7-11 they ask me how much i willing to pay for the t-hunts.
  15. yes, that is way i decide to just keep quiet at the spot. cause i don't want to ruin my chance to get others nice car which is not t-hunt. but still my heart feel uncomfortable with it. i am very petty
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