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  1. And I been busy!!! All started with the flu....Beurk! Then I had a back problem...Ouch! Then the washer broke, so 3 weeks of going to my mom's for the laundry...Ouf! Then just when you can relax at home with your new washer, the TV dies...ah man! Then Halloween prepration at Jordan's school, I was one of the scary witches...He He!! Then Halloween night was crappy because Ryan had fever, didn't do the full run...bummer! But here are the pictures of the Haunted House and the Witches! The school has kids from kindergarten to 2nd grade. Some of them were really really scared! We even go to scare the secretary as it is her last year at the school. Here are the witches. I'm the one on the left in the front row with the red hat. I don't look very scary right now but when you have a strobe light right beside you, it can be pretty bad!! LOL And this is the haunted house! We had strobe lights and weird laughs! It was real cool!!! You can't see how dark it was because of the flash. But it was really really dark! This is what it look like: The entrance. We had a skull doorbell. First thing you see is a ghost with the hands and head moving up and down. Plus the kids were stepping on a moving platform. On your right is the wall full of cobwebs and other surprises! Then off to the uneven floor, through a curtain. On the other side of it, was the 1st witch! On the wall behing the witch, you have talking pumpkins and one scary head! Then a laughing skull with glowing red eyes! In the next corner, you had a flying witch with a moving head and glowing pumpking. Under that flying witch, you had another of the witches that would scare the kids. I was that one!! Then another curtain, but before you crossed it, you had to pass another ghoul with bright glowing eyes and right after the curtain, another witch! Before the kids were able to go out of the house, another ghoul was waiting for them. On the left of the it, was a table with bones and rats. throughout the course of the house, 3 strobe lights were one to give it an even scarier look! Outside right by the wall the last ghoul waiting to embrace the ones that were too close to it! Not really, but that's what we were telling the kids! In front of the house, a table was set with 3 pumpkins filled with some witch potion! One was jell-o with eyes and worms. Another one had spaghettis and bones and I don't remember the 3rd one. When the kids had sung a song to get their surprise, they were leaving through the cimetery. This is the 2nd part of the cimetery. Some of the witches in the school entrance hall. Some of the hall's decos. Better view of the big pumpkin.
  2. My parents had a pickup truck like that with the harness to attach a horse trailer.... They drove from Montreal to Florida, 2700km in all, pickup, trailer, 4 horses and all and they said it felt like they were in their living room all the time so confortable it is in there. Yes, the diesel engine is noisy and can can a hassle when you need repair, but when hauling or for heavy duty work, there's no comparison!
  3. Was able to grab that one too!!! I'm surprised that there's some still hanging, considering how people love that one!
  4. She's good!! She should be the one collecting! LOL
  5. OMG!!! I so want that Hollowback!!!!
  6. small but nice one! specially if you've been looking for it! even more fun!
  7. speechless...just speechless.
  8. very nice collection! My kids have 1:24 Nascar, but we're getting more and more 1:64 as the sport is growing in popularity in Canada.
  9. MarieJuliette (real name: Isabelle Gonthier) isabelle.gonthier@bell.net
  10. netmatrix might sound harsh but I think he's right. I don't think one custom is worth over 6000$ no matter the currency you're talking about. I've bought customs before and I wouldn't buy this guy's work anyway. Too many changes on the car. I love the deora II and I just don't like what he did. The guy's looking for a sucker to shed money....
  11. I'd love to see that in person!! Way Cool!
  12. Wow!! we never have contest like that! WTG!! Congrats!
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