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  1. my pants are wet seeing this...
  2. i am just joking with you Zedd, please don't stop uploading your pictures... picture tells a thousand words
  3. haha... no wonder wife "boring", selling pics also flooding this thread already. cannot imagine when u add in your total hauling pics good luck in your sales bro. he is a recommended person to deal with
  4. only 1 car type available? they shud give DD or DB ma, bigger space to draw...
  5. card design is awesome but wasted car didn't change at all... should at least la change the tire to rubber...
  6. did you guys notice that we have another member here got featured in the star? http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/4/16/nation/11111806&sec=nation
  7. wah!!! nice stuffs again... can pm me the school bus set?
  8. payment of 80 transferred to Matbear 1 minute ago... please book 1 place for me
  9. dun forget to put my name please! 1 ticket for me...
  10. it is time for our 3rd dinner again. a must to attend for me!!!
  11. haha... old stock tak habis jual kot... taruh 5 pack clear faster
  12. another good pack to look forward to
  13. maybe with the 10mil he won he can buy a lot of hotwheels ma. but now he give all to his wife. satu sen untuk hotwheels pun talak already... conclusion = give all hotwheels to wife lo.
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