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  1. gonggok

    Recent Haul

    Relax bro. I see 6 people are interested. Will try to one each. Try only. Also found 3 single card evo.
  2. gonggok

    Recent Haul

    Manage to find another evo + bs. Only 2 sets for the time being.
  3. gonggok

    Recent Haul

    Sorry guy. Can only find one with BS. Will try to search for more. As for how much will let you guys know when can finalized the search. So nobody interested on the evo+mustang. What about the one below.
  4. gonggok

    Recent Haul

    All below are for sale. Green Evo + Mustang and Green Evo + BS. PM me.
  5. the master is back!!!!congratz on the chev!!!!
  6. very nice haul mr. sinclair!!!
  7. super nice especially the interceptor!!!
  8. looks kinda weird but still cool
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