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  1. Item(s): Hotwheels T-Hunt Bone Shaker & Classic Packard Package includes: Carded HW Thunt Price: Offer me Dealing method: Preferably COD Location: KL/PJ/Subang/Serdang/Bangi Contact method/details: Call/SMS me 012-6938351 --- Item(s) conditions: Good 99% Picture: Below Reason for sale: Extra item This HW came from Ireland. not malaysia stock. refer picture for details
  2. wow canyon carver got cooler tempo... wish i can get 1.. btw, next week i'm going to move to bangi from terengganu... so can start hauling actively
  3. wah everyday also hauling. im jeles mehhh
  4. haha thanx 4 the comments nobody wanna sell me their $uper eh?
  5. Today my fren invite me go lepak2 at kota bharu. i take this chance to do some haul. and it's worth it. i got my 2nd TH. its Qombee but i still jeles of other hauler @ HWCM. they got $uper Qombee, which is very nice. hohoho. anyone wanna sell their $uper pls PM me
  6. I don't get what you means bro, do you means you also got TH Qombee?? yup. that's rite. TH Qombee. my 2nd Thunt. i sooooo happy sadly, i still cant find any $uper
  7. oh my eyes.... *searching for one's office address* lol
  8. paskal

    13/4 Small haul

    i just score a regular qombee today great haul btw
  9. wahhh nice haul mehh i also got my 2nd thunt today. qombee. i liek i liek
  10. oh lord... greenies! i want i want
  11. paskal

    My 1st Thunt :D

    thx 2 all 4 the praise i'll hunt harder next time
  12. oit Qombee mane dpt haa? senyap2 je ek? lol
  13. paskal

    My 1st Thunt :D

    thanx CS Dodge Van story : today i just got home from work. checking my collections and notice CS dodge van is not there, so i ask my niece. he says, its in the refrigerator. i was like, OMG why u do that !? he sez, he just want to see the color changing
  14. paskal

    My 1st Thunt :D

    Friday 3April is the day i've got my 1st TH!! i'm soooo happyyyy Got it @ Tesco Kota Bharu. Last 1 & the only 1 on the rack. i still cant believe i got this Cool Color-Shifter... Dodge Van summore 2 ferraris. nice color, no? Still '08 cards... that's all guys... thanx 4 viewing
  15. paskal

    Early April haul

    u know what? ur words make me lucky!!! yesterday, i got my 1st TH!! oh i'm soooooo happyyyyyy!! checkout my new haul ya
  16. paskal

    Early April haul

    Hot Trucks? not yet, 1more to complete.huhu. btw, where in sbn u live? i used to live @ MPRM jln sikamat when i was boy...
  17. paskal

    Early April haul

    Hauling these after getting this month salary I've got SemiFast II nao and 5Alarm also me likeyyyyyy Fastback really nice no? And my feveret, lowrider, Tits Titan
  18. kuantan is not so near either. also, i dun familiar with that area. muffin, now 'thats' what i call good news
  19. to date, i only have 12pcs Ferrari racer. omg need to find 12 more to complete this series..
  20. nice datsun eh? haul this @ local 7E. 1st time i see 3pcs box. quite nice & it have datsun so i grab it
  21. looks like not beetle cup in that teaser pictar... i wonder... hurmm....
  22. holy batman!!! real nice haul u got here loose-wheel... me jeles loorrr..
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