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  1. Wow.. you are talented They are adorable!!! Have a good time at Teddy Bear World!!
  2. Some of the changes I like.. Such as the wider screen (thats awesome!) The new organisation in chest The new pet with room photo option But most new features, unfortunatley I dislike Such as: I'm not getting any pawpoints anymore :'( The home/store shortcut.. you have to leave the house and go to the village The status update feature is gone The fact that you don't need to use the brush anymore... The faster scroll in shops has gone I don't know, maybe I will get used to it.. Hope so, because I love this game.
  3. I'm not far off unlocking the kebab thingy
  4. Really sad news Seems mother nature has been dealing the world alot of chaos and bad weather this year
  5. My laptop = epic fail for playfish games always have to use my husbands Pc to get anything done.
  6. YUMMY Looks like it's time to revamp my cafe room!!
  7. I LOVE the new hideeni outfit! Prinsesse just found him.. But all it said was please wait and I was frozen on that for ages so had to restart PS hmph
  8. He was yellow when he first made an appearence in the village wasn't he? lol... Think he just took off the Thanksgiving costume. He must be a bit slow =)
  9. Me too! I have some friends that keep posting all the time and it's annoying! lol
  10. I got mine this morning put it on the floor until I redecorate on Monday xD
  11. PiercedPrincess

    What do you..

    Play Pet Society on Myspace!!! lol! Or play Farmville or something... Occasionally my husband gets some of my attention too
  12. Lol.. I agree. I also have an Anteater army, and hideini is not as ellusive as you are lead to think!
  13. LOVE THEM Can't wait! So much cool stuff this week!
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