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  1. ah sorry! i've got these to trade with.. VW Golf GTI, VW Beetle, AMG Mercedes CLK DTM, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Shelby GT-500. what are you guys willing to trade your cars for?
  2. as mentioned, anyone having these cars? Toyota MR-2 Evo 10 Toyota AE86 any variants would be fine.
  3. greetings from indonesia
  4. autoart has 1:64 models?? wow. any idea where to find these here in msia?
  5. guys, any of you selling this piece? i want! http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Mercedes_SLK
  6. no bro, all i saw for MBX was alot of land rovers, one hummer H3, and alot of SUVs. no sports cars or anything like that. hotwheels pula only got the old stuff. yesterday i went they were restocking, but i dunno why the stuff i saw isn't on the shelves.
  7. ahahaha i know i know. i also went today, at 2. too late oridi. but at least i got Welly's Evo8 and 350z for RM3.90
  8. so you were the one who stole everything away from me...
  9. mind telling me where you got them lambo's? i just started on my simple maisto 67' mustang gt custom.
  10. wow. his sanding arms must be superb. and i only can manage one a day. =/ elgee your painting skills, power baiii. i'm not entitled to any cars am i?
  11. i think i'm member number 120 or something right? demonicle, i sent my registration form to you a few days back via email. did u receive it?
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