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  1. Hi Mr.Sinclair, How are you? So good still got you around. I'm still a fan of my hobby. HW4EVER!! My car still got Mr.Eight HWCM sticker at the plate # and on the windscreen. Been looking forward to this year Annual Dinner but it seem has been postponed indefinitely
  2. Wow! check out that Stingray nose. Real car is even more scarier. Modern super cars simply no match for such design.
  3. Dear all, the above planned KL Auto Show 2013 @ KLCC has been postponed to later date. For more info do click : http://klautoshow.com.my/
  4. @12.00, check the cool white Lotus. Atleast i never seen it before.. 20 dollars for so much of metal/metal, what a bargain.. better than going to TRU for today cars, u get only plastic/plastic for less cars
  5. Hi guys, tomorrow (Merdeka Day) at 8am at Jalan Utara PJ, there will be a classic cars gathering. For more info, surf the net. On 8th & 9th of Sept, VW showcase at KL Convention Centre. You need to register to get the free ticket at www.theiconisback.com. On 16th is BugFest at Mines.
  6. Hi guys, Long time no chat, I'm very interested to get all the five cars in this series (especially the F/C ). But I do not know what is the name of this series. Atom, do you?
  7. i doubt beatles, man. Coz loyalty is damn high... But if got, is a must must to have...
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