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  1. KFC's motto says "Good Things come together with KFC"...
  2. Indeed it's expensive; and it's not healthy too to eat 6 times of X-meal to gather a set... I would go with a gang of friends (non car collectors) and help me up!
  3. KFC is having promo on Beetles cars; 6 of them all together. With a set of X-Meal, you pay RM5.90 for 1 car only. If you want to get set of 6, it will be RM9.90 each (with any KFC purchase)! It's Welly made, 1:60 diecast with plastic parts. Very nice casting with rubber wheel. It's a roll back car... Beetle fans should not miss this... Check out KFC's site: http://www.kfc.com.my/menu-xmeal.html quick go get a set!
  4. cooper


    CW, am glad and proud to be able to contribute to your collections! Hope we can deal/trade again in future... thx! and keep those bugs coming... I think we all love to see them...
  5. all 3 colors carries the #26, they should be all the same year, considered, I think!
  6. Does that Triumph TR6 has metal base on it?
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