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Everything posted by cooper

  1. cooper

    Cars I like

    thx for viewing! as per my nickname, my mainline of collection is actually minis (and followed by VW related), of course... just that DDs are so welcomed by most collectors, so I collect them too (dunno for what!). But I don't really like DDs (as much as I like Mini)... I posted this first just cuz we are on DD topic above... (or may be just a pre sale advertisement; sure will let all of them go later when the time is right) will find some time to post some of the minis or vw I collect...
  2. cooper

    Cars I like

    some of the DD models...
  3. cooper

    My bloody haul~~

    unbelievable... and drag bus is always cool!
  4. again, that red bus is really cool to own... congrats!
  5. tooligan is a must have cute car; well at least to own 1...
  6. man, that fire eater TH really gorgeous! I am sure it will be DHTF...
  7. loose with mint condition is equally fine, thx!
  8. I am looking for the above to complete the set, respectively. If you have extra, and would like to trade or sell, pls PM me, thx! They are actually: HW Classics BLUE Baja Bug HW Classics BLACK Covertible Bug HW Classics PINK Covertible Bug Thx for Looking!
  9. uncle chia, u r the KING of diecast VW!
  10. the classic beetles' rim is more real than MBX & HW, for sure!
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