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  1. K&N SRT8 is really nice! great tampo and color combination...
  2. nice and affordable... that's a cool haul!
  3. the metal base made it simply cool; and heavy. as solid as SIKU mini... the base is sticked together with its bumper and number plate; whole 1 piece of metal.
  4. cooper


    ALL PMs replied, thx!
  5. cooper


    Hi, I want to let go some of my MINI collections... can meet up @ KJ/SJ/USJ/AMCORP... pls PM me for price, thx for looking... Pls understand that some of these cars (due to long distance shipping and storage) card is not mint (but not torn, at least). Cars are OK. Ask if you have concerns. Pix shown 1 unit each, but I do have extra for some... These are mostly US long cards.
  6. I want to trade (meet up @ KJ/PJ/SJ/USJ only), interested pls PM me, thx! 1. I have extra Camaro or Torino Reg TH -- looking for any 2010 Reg TH (i.e. CP, 5.5, Rb, Cv) OR/AND 2. I have extra Ecto1 -- looking for MBX 2010 Route Master
  7. This Mini is NOT rubber wheeled. however, I was amazed that it's metal based, instead! cool stuff and heavy mini! I presume all lesney ed comes with metal base???
  8. SM GTR is not hard to find... I saw them few times in few 7e... with a little more hard work, am sure u will find it...
  9. updated my trade list... 3 THs to go to complete, help me pls if you have extra... many thx!
  10. cooper

    morning haul

    hebat & cool haul!
  11. what a neat site on MBX!!! Thx for sharing...
  12. welcome, and do show us the pixs...
  13. After Baja Bettle emerged since the 80's, first time being featured as TH... cool stuff; a must have item!
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