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  1. try to get a pen-pal or HW collector there for "sharing" ya,
  2. a lot of good "old" stuffs at Parkson if u missed any.
  3. KidrauhlM5, if you have relatives/friends at Singapore, please request them to get for u. There are lots of good FR models there (7-11, hypermarket). My friend already helped me to buy F430(shall be "F430", white colour body with Italian flag like stripe). if not mistaken, it is S$4.90(correction, sori).
  4. please check with the supervisor or senior staff. they did provide me a BIG box (from Store) last Sat and where I found lots of '08 nice cars, Ferrari as well as BB-reg.
  5. To make it simpler, if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya with Federal Highway, after passed Taman Rashna toll plazas, keep to the left and follow the signage to Jalan Batu Tiga Lama. Drive along this road (along the way here, you are able to see the 7-11 at your right; corner of the shop lot and in fact JJ-Bkt Raja is at the back of you if you know well the route here) and turn right at the traffic light. Go straight along the road and you will pass a small bridge and turn right immediately. Hope this can help, else, you can call to the 7-11 outlet (phone number provided in previous post).
  6. mayb i had messed up between Dodge and Nissan, sori...well, u may try at Tmn Intan outlet.
  7. it was not at Tmn Intan outlet (if I\'m not mistaken). I suggested for Lintang, Jln-Meru 7-11 (beside Klang Parade). maybe some may grab it. u gotta check with the in-charge there to take out \"3\" boxes for you. for Tmn Intan, do u know the place with many bak kut teh restaurants(sorry, no offence to Muslim)? It is at the corner of the 2nd row shop lots, it can be seen from traffic light junction among Kapar / JJ-Bkt Raja / way back to Sg.Klang bridge. further info., i give u the 7-11 Tmn Intan, phone number, 03-33423742.
  8. no prob, let me know if got it later ya. grab for some others too ya. FYI, this 7-11 is just opposite the Help Institute/right side of Klang Parade ya.
  9. '09 nissan silvia? did u mean '08 series for Hot Wheels Racing - blue with white flame? if it is, need not go as far as to Klang(if you are not fr Klang), last wk i saw it at Giant-USJ (at the back of Summit). i "think" at 7-11 Lintang Jln Meru, it "shall" be there.
  10. will update with u guys soon if there is great hauling dis wkend. Selamat Hari Raya(in advance) to Muslim members & happy holiday to all ya! keep on hauling!
  11. no "pain" no gain, yearggg! how's KL wave? dis wk wil b goin to KL...hahaha, it will not be like last week "journey". well, no harm to drop by at certain places to have a "window shopping", hahaha.
  12. worth bleeding, hahaha. yo, keep on hauling, guys!!!
  13. let's HAUL together: HW is "HOT" at - 7-11 Lintang Jln Meru, Klang - 7-11 Tmn Intan, Klang
  14. well, let's c what 2010 series will be,
  15. thanks ya, by the way, there are some '08 Ferrari Racers there too, there are still "hot", go go go!!!
  16. yeah, the 1st car of '06 1st Edition, hahaha(joking), i like it due to its look. no offence, but need your guys' opinion here, for me, it seems previous years HW basics are more "details" in design compared against '09's. that is one of the reason I prefer '06~'08's against '09's.
  17. kurz, "especially" for you, the BB-reg. furthermore, I was much more happier to grab Camaro, Ford Focus & Shelby there.
  18. yeah, buddies, "lastly" able to upload the pictures, "better late than never" huh...these are the promo-pack that I had got from Klang Parade-Parkson.
  19. in fact, i was looking for batmobile, but not bad for "Riddler" Hyper Mite, looks "cute", hahaha. bonus was with 10% discount there.
  20. Gotcha, kurz, thanks anyway. These were from 7-11 Lintang, Jln Meru.
  21. that's the problem with newbie (about new software) like me. i'll work this out to attach only the picture for info. sharing to all.
  22. Hi, sorry guys, I'm still working on attaching pictures here but turned up only the link, sigh...sorry kurz.
  23. 12-Sep-09: Klang-Parade Parkson https://servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=1&u=14339436 https://servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=2&u=14339436 https://servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=6&u=14339436
  24. Hi, Zack, For item 2 and 4, please try your luck at Bukit Tinggi (Klang) Jaya Jusco. I've purchased both items there last week.
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