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  1. I have had the experience for the 1st combination How good if I got the 2nd combination But, I still satisfied with the 1st combination.
  2. correct. we collect HW for happiness, our hobby, our interest, our DREAM (t-hunt, t-hunt$, nice cars, ...hahaha).
  3. athani, care less of that, do your own hunt and haul. enjoy HW collection ya.
  4. athani, name your hauling venue and the "culprit" will PM to you, hahaha.
  5. Tooligan? hope u r able to find it at Bukit Tinggi-Giant. Good luck!
  6. thanks, never too late...it will keep on coming until "all" (i do hope so) score it, hahahaha...
  7. thanks to all. by the way, watch out car condition during hauling, example, paint quality is not good; some paint buldging at yellow DD, even a crack at back door of IC-Truck, Dodge logo misalignment at front bonnet for SRT8, sigh...
  8. Thanks to all. Watch out, the wave has finally come...jst do close monitoring at the nearest complex, hypermarket, 7-11, etc.
  9. musclemania

    october haul

    impala with "devilish" tampo still available at 7-11, Klang, Tmn Intan 2weeks ago.
  10. as nice as your nasi lemak avatar, jhc, hahaha! Thanks!
  11. musclemania

    october haul

    Was there been a pool to vote for members' preference; either carded or "slaughtering" aka "free-ing"? hahaha.
  12. thanks, Sinclair...about to check with u again whether u r goin to open a sale trade for all your yellow DD and coincidently on last Fri...hahahaha.
  13. all the best to you too at Brunei, xebec!
  14. musclemania

    october haul

    Sinclair, u got another member who like to "free" the HW, yes!!! Make it 2, me too Congrat, Hassan!
  15. yeah, DanielH, Malaysia "boleh" ya
  16. yup yup yup, unless u wanna get the latest wave, hehehe...personally i think SG is stil faster than our country, sigh...hope that something can b done. pls correct me if i'm wrong in this case.
  17. "kam sia" very much. by the way, CheeKH, I think it is not necessary for u to go down to SG, rite?
  18. thanks to both. in fact, there are few 2010 cars there too but my fren at SG had helped me grabbing those already, they (2010 cars) should be left to others to hunt.
  19. Note: It is a silver Nissan GTR
  20. Dear mushr00m, I'm wondering if your birthday/ "pak-to" anniversary/special day/etc. fell on last wk, it should be the BIG present from your GF for you then. Anyhow, congrat that your GF shares a same hobby with you, keep that up and get something special for your GF in return ya. p.s.: As long as if your GF did not buy those good cars at higher price, it should be fine...take note, BUDGET 2010 for HW_2010
  21. Inconsistent quality but manipulated as "variant", good re-use method, agree...LOL!!!
  22. According to my friend, there "were" a lot of the Camaro in "G" hypermarket at SG, check that out. This model comes with 3 variants; 3 sizes of flame at the side of the car (another marketing strategy).
  23. Yeah, Sinclair, 100% agree with u. See...2010 Acura gold...MUST HAVE!!!
  24. For Corvette, pls try C4-Subang Jaya.
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