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  1. no prob, local already a great haul.
  2. "Somebody" saw them in Malaysia lei...hehehe...
  3. soon, HWCM shall organize a trip to Singapore to sapu the stocks there...hahaha...i think year end sale there is comin soon...
  4. My overall Singapore haul up-to-date. The list shall be expanding...
  5. agree. after conversion, it even cheaper than Malaysia's FR normal price.
  6. gotta check with my "reliable hunter" the info on whether all C4 with such promo or not. but my hunter able to find the C4 with such promo last wkend. but, at 7-11, only F.Racer, no basic HW it seems.
  7. FYI to all, not only G hypermarket with "buy 2 free 1" promo there, even C4 too. I think aft rounded-up and converted, the price is still reasonable. Somemore, those are quite new compared against our stock here, the info of some models even yet been loaded to wiki, hahaha. watch out there, 2010 Acura NSX-gold-track stars is on the way now.
  8. yo, frens there, i really need to say this again, "u gotta go down to Singapore to check that out". Cannot wait at Malaysia for new wave. somemore, information and resource of new wave here are very limited. All the best for any hunt at Singapore!!! p.s. : Chee, any hunting last wkend? jst 90% complete my P'nG collection, left Larry G's set purple unit.
  9. yeah, another red carded to go but may be going to miss the blue and silver (mustang mania set), have not seen the set yet.
  10. Hi, guys, Another round of Singapore hauling last wkend. p.s.: CheeKH, FYI, "buy 2 free 1" promo still on-going at G hypermarket there, check that out. No greenie but here are what I've got:
  11. Dear all, thanks for all the compliments. Adrian, u can get them too, start searching your "friends and families" at Singapore, gambatte!
  12. Welcome to share at Found at Retails session, everybody can save $ from going to Singapore to grab those 2010s by their own, this is what HWCM all about, rite? Info sharing, yes!!!
  13. Hi, all, This section has been closed as of today (16-Oct-09). Appreciate for all the PMs and interest. Shall you have any interest on the listed car still, please PM me.
  14. if there is a will, there is a way...easy bro, all the best still!!!
  15. Chee, ready with your bullets and ride this wkend (or maybe today?)? All the best to you 1st. FYI, 7-11 there seems less choices, lots FR, but please try also, cannot miss even a single hunt, hahaha.
  16. No worry, it seems it only left 1unit at the peg by the time i was there...very high "demand"...anyhow, happy to hear Camaro is a hit here, my favourite collection, hahaha! Hi, Camaro collectors out there, please post your nice garage here!!!
  17. also hope one doesn't buy all the same units from the peg here and there, leave them for other collectors too, this is what we called "good things to share with all". wondering if Mattel worldwide can control 1 customer only allowable to buy 1 unit/per type daily, hahaha. this will be a fair, ethical and nice practice to all collectors cos i think every collector deserves to get a nice collection with a normal price esp. for those with tight pocket (like me, tsk...tsk...tsk...), hahaha.
  18. they seems "nicer" than 2009's. anyhow, 2010 VW bug, Viper and Shelby considered "common" at certain places there ... but, not sure after another 1-week-time, Malaysian collectors gotta b fast if they have opportunity to go there or get somebody there to hunt for them.
  19. RG, Singapore is "not far" from KL, go n grab yo!!! It will be better if you have friend and relative there, go go go! but, mind u, it is S$3.50/3.49 for a basic HW, anyhow, grab those "buy 2 free 1" units!!!
  20. Silver SS already hit Klang valley 2 months ago. If I'm not mistaken, I either bought it at Giant-Klang or Bkt-Tinggi JJ.
  21. FYI Temporary, I do not have the pictures of - 2010 'Tooned VW Bug (available at Giant) - HWC Series 4 - '69 Camaro Gold (Metrojaya) which were also purchased at Singapore.
  22. CheeKH, this for you as reference...
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