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Everything posted by musclemania

  1. Santa cakap itu $uper utk saya, buat apa u ambik?
  2. Biar betui, hari tu gathering, tak kasi pun
  3. VW Golf GTI card seems different from the actual car (body paint).
  4. Start tomorrow, good luck. Tires are rubber-made.
  5. Welcome, Zedd. Suka sama suka trade
  6. No prob, Chah. Mutual respect la, okie
  7. Camaro is poisoning, don't stop collecting, hahaha.
  8. Thanks to all. Oh, Chah ... come on I don't wish to create new nick for you guys either
  9. From Terengganu ni, kekeke. Anyhow, with courtesy to Mr.Husky-voice-Bad-man, I gotta buy it
  10. Spoiler: Problematic taukeh tayar LOL
  11. I only have 1 loose (mint condition) MBX EVO Politia left, do you still want it? Sure, Ecto-1 with Ecto-1 trade
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