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  1. Thanks, guys. Camaro T-Hunt haul was previous stuff, just want to decorate front page of my haul thread with my favourite casting
  2. Yesterday non-HW haul Spoiler: Subaru!!! Got them from AEON New Ray 1/32 Subaru ori price is at RM29.90 but with 20% discount via AEON membership card. There were also silver and green Camaro Concepts too, shall I?
  3. Bukit Raja AEON restocked with Tomica Limited - white Nissan GTR V Spec - white Honda NSX - silver Nissan Skyline 2000GTR PGC10 and its 2-pack-box Latest wave of dark blue TL Subaru WRX was only left 1 (I took the 2nd last yesterday)!
  4. Diverted to http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t7472-mm-s-haul_2012-aug_update#218291
  5. Yupe, they were 2 pcs black taxi there "for you" Why my thread became Atom's? Check the top post ... Yeah, perhaps my thread had overloaded, reduced from 55pages to the latest 6
  6. Nice haul! Cloak & Dagger finally appeared!
  7. More pictures as in http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t6018p300-matchbox-exclusive-v4 since this is HW related section
  8. Nice body paint and with great details ... Fire Engine!
  9. Finally, Dark Knight arrived ...
  10. Aeon bukit tinggi or bukit raja? Hurt me bcz now I cant get the batmobile ady Mount of King Aeon bukit tinggi or bukit raja? Hurt me bcz now I cant get the batmobile ady MM, you takde baik lar...you hurtz HL's heart ady... Why you so like that.... PS : Joking joking on a Friday evening ya...semua jgn angers ya Yes, musclemania is kaki bully Congrats on your haul bro! Pics please Cheers and happy hunting, With courtesy to Hui Leng, I should have not posted any Well ... just post loose then Spoiler:
  11. Thanks, guys. AEON: Lunch haul today Scalped - MBX Batmobile - MBX Fire Engine - MBX Super Space CAB - HW green rally EVO (the rest of purple Heat Fleet EVO were not there) Remark: All with 10% discount.
  12. musclemania

    HL's haul

    Bro I think if she keep scoring at this rate she'll be overwhelmed with PMs and calls everyday Cheers and happy hunting,[/quote] Well, trade wisely, HL. Some may give you "super ridiculous" offer. Beware ...
  13. musclemania

    HL's haul

    HL shall be busy answering PM now LOL
  14. Pro and cons for outlet-relate-job. Cons is, we'll spend daily cos we can't resist the poisonous stuffs on peg LOL
  15. With my 2 Godzillas with me, well ... 1 Ultraman is not enough to "save the world", my dear Ultra-woman has out-stationed for half day today. So, better let them stay at home, rather than ransacking the peg crazily LOL
  16. Insider ke, outsider ke, up-sider ke, down-sider ke, not to worry much, jst go and hunt.
  17. Oh ... maybe later I may go Bkt Tinggi Tesco with my 2kids ... maybe ... if only ... well ... jst forget about hunting today LOL
  18. I think 1 month plus I had not been to any Tesco. Recently for the past 2 weeks, I had been to AEON only and yesterday to Amcorp. Anything?
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