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  1. Spotted new Tomica Limited at Bukit Raja (Klang) AEON; dark blue Subaru 4-door and "beetle-like" Subaru 360. Also 2-pack Skyline Turbo and transporter set.
  2. My pleasure for picture sharing It was just the macro effect of RM299 Canon digi-cam. Tengah cari yang lebih untuk Superlift
  3. Ini yang men-jealous-kan ramai collector ni, kekeke.
  4. http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t127p460-hwcm-batmobiles-club-hwcmbc
  5. Thanks, guys. You can try out by yourself via ebay. It is really worth a buy (for HW 1/50 Tumbler) if you hit the right sale, where the price is lower than local.
  6. Today ebay parcel arrival Note: All reserved already
  7. Sure http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t127p460-hwcm-batmobiles-club-hwcmbc
  8. WTH ... it is the 2012 M.A.S.K. resurrection! Great job and congrats!
  9. Batman had flied away with the cover
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