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  1. Thanks, both bro. CKH: Glad that you're back in ACTION! Now, I'm waiting my HW 1/50 Tumbler from US ... la la la ...
  2. Depends on what you're looking for ... Chah, you haven't got it? Some members said berlambak sini sana ... well, not too sure, that was my first hauled from peg, another unit was traded with another member. Good luck anyway.
  3. 2pcs haul from Setia City Mall-Parkson: When I was about to loosen it, I found ... Spoiler: The car could not wait for the driver to put back fuel pump to the original place at fuel station, kekeke. MBX haul Spoiler:
  4. Tak pe la, sikit2 lama naik langit, wakakaka.
  5. Thinking what will be the difference between the Comic Con casting vs the coming Premiere basic ... hmm ...
  6. Tak pe, hauled 2pcs boleh letak dalam kotak besar, hahaha.
  7. For Sky Busters, so far, I only collect Stealth jet, BlackBird and some nice fighter jet (like Twin Blast) but keeping the collection and favourite casting at minimal, hehehe.
  8. Raja, 2nd round malam tadi, hauled "berapa kotak"? Oh, Hassan ... sekarang sepatutnya syiok dekat Megan F... oooppsss Megane Trophy, kekeke.
  9. It always makes me recalling the M.A.S.K. Thunderhawk ...
  10. Haha, yesterday was my first time to the gathering too.. Hmm but I guess u r wrong, I'm the one wearing red shirt and my BF wearing a white tee... and he found and bought a 1989 customized batmobile yesterday I was too slow to grab the red megane trophy whole night been dreaming about the red megane trophy I was just like 1 minute slow only ... yerrrrrr Oooppss, my mistake, that was the different couple then, hahaha. Ok, we shall stop spamming here, hahaha, this shall be for HW Batmobile 1/50 thread, else, moderator will give me summon, runnnnnnnnn
  11. hwcars: Congrat, you should have hauled some stuffs already Yesterday gathering trade haul Spoiler:
  12. No, I was not the first, the promoter did, hahaha. Glad that you could get the pack (for your BF, hihihi) anyway. Well, just say "Hi!", the frequent members there are quite friendly to influence each other with nice casting, hahaha. I'm "lazy" member, seldom join the gathering, unless need to pass stuff to member. Were you the one who wore white tee and jeans? If I'm not mistaken, your BF shall be wearing the red tee, hehehe, right? If yes, he shall be dreaming of Takata's fighting jet now, kekeke.
  13. I bought it again yesterday and they are GREAT!
  14. Also spotted at Bkt Raja AEON. Welcome to HWCM, Hui Leng, we may bump to each other soon in future I bought a 5 pack batman at Aeon Bukit Raja yesterday~ haha!! Since same in Klang area, next time hunt together~~ Great that you found the 5pack, it should have crease at the top edge of the box, right? But, nvm if you are going take the cars out of the box. Did you go to yesterday/today early morning weekly gathering at Citta Mall? I was there ... with my black Dark Knight tee get one for me too.. die-ing for tumbler Oh...I bought limited quantity for myself and member. Perhaps you could try at ebay. which series? Should be the next after current local series.
  15. I'm getting in Tumbler from USA via ebay, la la la la ... much cheaper than local price, la la la la ...
  16. No offer (promo ended). Normal price for each item. Plenty of white tires red Corvette and white "Island" Viper GTS-R.
  17. 5pack, Working Rigs, Sky Busters and basic vehicles restocked at Bkt Raja AEON, Klang, good luck!
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