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  1. a happy family haul then, hahaha. thanks to all again.
  2. thanks to xebec & mushr00m, it was as nice as your "saja-saja" and "gf" hauls respectively, hahaha. I think we should use these 2 terms nxt time, they are great terms, hahaha. as for me, i should dedicate to my wife for this haul to be named as "Wife Haul", hahaha...
  3. thanks, guyy. nope ... "not yet", hehehe.
  4. Chee, u meant Daniel's son trashing the car???!!! no la...it is "re-con", hahaha. u know, like Overhauling program on tv? hahaha.
  5. Chee, jst my small deed, hope the promoters didn't realize it, sigh... and, hope nobody slaughters it "illegally", sigh...
  6. danielh, thanks and nice to meet u too...REMINDER to YOU: both of your son wil "overtake" u to be the next BIG COLLECTORS, hahaha! Please pass your great customizing skills to them, yeah!!! chee, thanks. yeah, very very very happy to get the Mini. when u have time, pls come over to Klang Valley join us ya.
  7. Chee, yeah ... my luck ... not took all the DD, I believe by the time I left at noon hour, there should be around 5 DD on the peg, I purposely put/hide on the peg without promoter's notice so that they are not "stapled", hehehe (my bad, hehehe).
  8. yeah, RG, by the way, not grabbing the London bus (yellow one, rite?), any special thing about it? if it is "priceless", I gotta regret then, hahaha...when I was about to leave, the promoter there started stapling the cards...a bad news for card-collectors ya. reason is to prevent "stealing" (understand their action in fact). I saw a couple of blister were damage sometime..."naughty" customers ya... danielh, considered "ok la", not as many as "Mr.S", hahaha...pai sei(hokkien)...
  9. Some were trading from flea market, some were from trading with members and only Ultra Hots - Mustang (it is really hot till now, hahaha...lecuh tangan pegang nie) was from buying at the flea market. The occassion was really enjoying.
  10. yeah, a great jackpot of the day, I was about to leave when seeing nothing on the peg but the promoter "stopped" me and handed me all the boxes (fresh from Store) ...wu...as mentioned, it was really my lucky day, the 2nd in a row after 30-Oct-09. Here, I need to thank my wife coz she "warned" me not to go on 6-Nov (Fri) eve due to some "personal matter at home". For sure, if I went there on 6-Nov, I wun go on 7-Nov. So, I went on the next day for some groceries and I found ... speechless ... hahaha.
  11. Thanks, RG. FYI, the haul was from A flea market yesterday. Happier matter is, I met a lot of HWCM members there, they are really friendly and cool as well as "knowledgeable" (I met a "HW moving encyclopedia" from HWCM, this person really have a great hardware aka brain of storing all the HW info, salute him, hahaha).
  12. Others: MBX - Austin Mini Copper, Honda Civic Type R & Ice Cream Truck.Spoiler:
  13. Nice, cham, my favourite...keep on drifting man...gotta show my Tomica Initial-D set and Fujimi plastic model at Others soon, hahaha.
  14. Thanks, Sinclair...thinking of "free-ing" the 2 HWC now...
  15. Chee, thanks. yeah...the purple+silver P'nG, sigh...gotta post it to trade session soon, hahaha. same goes for white Mystery Corvette GS (just posted). another option for decoration is, go to hypermarket for the transparent tupperware boxes. it is sold in a set, eg.10boxes, variants of sizes. can "park" our cars nicely too, it is sort of new kinda "protector pack", hahaha. in fact, the idea of using the transparent box was fr a HWCM member last time, where the member bought the casing at Malacca (if I'm not mistaken), hope no idea copyrights here ya, hehehe.
  16. Thanks, keep some boxes of Ferrero Rocher choc ya, yum...re-use method. To fully utilize the cabinet, stack higher & higher ... HWC-Camaro, '67 + '69 (both chrome), thanks to "Mr.S".
  17. Hi, As per above subject, please PM me if you have the unit either for trade or sale. Thanks.
  18. Dec'10 Update, "under construction" loose garage: Note: Non-HW was not intentionally added.
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