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  1. check this out http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Cloak_And_Dagger
  2. oh...the market C&D unit is black. red unit is K-Mart special unit (fr wiki).
  3. thanks, Sinclair, but may not possible to hunt them out this wk, sigh.
  4. thanks. it shall b more to come, check that out.
  5. the silver 'Cr' one...any more good news fr u? waiting ur PM.
  6. A-A, ok ok, then we r "draw" la, hahaha (using the word "kalah" sensitive ya). anyway, really u, great haul for super!!! emm...almost the same list ya, thought of getting some new 2010, hihihi. ok, let's c if i'm lucky "again" this wk, hahaha...watch out...i'll hunt Klang area again, hahaha.
  7. Looking for (I) Loose unit with good physical condition 1. 2007 New Models Buick Grand National Black, Dark Burgundy & Blue (K-Mart) 2. Mini Cooper: 2007 white Pop-Offs + 2007 chrome (with 'Cr' at the side) (II) Carded unit 1. '69 Mustang: 2007 yellow & white (1 variant each will do) 2. Viper: 2006 yellow Mopar Madness PM me for 1. the price of above car(s). OR/AND 2. the cars that you are looking for if I am able to trade with you. Preference: COD at Klang Valley Thanks for browsing.
  8. wow...great, kalah my "Lucky aka Wife" haul. congrat, A-A, any oth new models in the box? 2010?
  9. wow...a great history ya, thanks Phoenix for sharing. Let me digest slowly... Also, other error (correct me if I'm wrong, or, is it a variant?) for MBX. Not sure whether can post here or not, but, here it is: For MBX white Ice-Cream Cruiser: 1. On front of the card of Ice-Cream Cruiser, it is written as Ice-Cream Cruiser, same goes for the back of the card. 2. On car base, it is casted as Ice-Cream Van. 3. In another MBX card for red Austin Mini Van, at the back of the card, printed in the list, Ice-Cream Cruiser is printed as Ice-Cream Truck. So, there are 3 different names printed in front card, back of the card and actual car base, is this error as well?
  10. Adrian, appreciate the clarification too. Yeah, it is quite common for few Skyline models with "missing" left lamp.
  11. anyhow, thanks to all to browse this session. hope all members able to haul the mustang wave; quick quick fin the wave, quick quick restock for new wave, hahaha.
  12. kukubeh + shakz7, oopppss...my haul seems confusing. in fact, i'm not a TH hunter, i'm camaro, viper, mini & mustang hunter (add Skyline), hahaha. coincidently, i jst got a few TH of my favourite models on a same day. anyhow, shakz7, pls PM me too, hihihi. titaniumboss + kurz, yo, keep on hauling the F, man...GO GO GO!!!
  13. Correction: FE DD is 1998-white DD.
  14. To really match the model name, I think 1999 FE DD is the best, muuuuuu...
  15. u wil have it soon i believe. jst do ur frequent shopping ya. else, PM the hunters here, the DD hunters, hahaha... Note: Abbreviation of DD sounds funny to me. first time i thought of Dare Devil cos i'm a US comics fan too, hahaha. coincidently, b4 getting red costume, Dare Devil also had yellow costume, yellow DD, hahaha...
  16. hahaha, RG, u should open a voting session for which DD is nicer, hahaha. for me, both also nice la.
  17. U got my PM soon, Raymond, sama-sama orang Klang, boleh bawa bicara, hahaha...
  18. anyway, thanks ya, learning and recording inside my manual hardware aka limited RAM in my brain, hahaha.
  19. u soon receive my PM, bro, hahaha...
  20. nice to meet u too, bro, hope u able to hunt down ur favourite F, hey, titaniumboss, kurz is your "challenger" now, hahaha.
  21. appreciate that UCB, as i said u r the "encycl...oopppsss...hahaha. thanks.
  22. Is this considered error (2008 All Stars gold Nissan Skyline) or purposely "produced" (it is quite common for some Skylines)? Left front lamp disappeared / not filled (die-cast mold matter?).
  23. rik, i'm still cooling it down, hahaha...
  24. u can b the next, Adrian, if u believe u can, u can, hahaha...
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