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  1. lamanya tak join gath kat citta..heheheh....
  2. hahahaha epic darthvader is epic ni la abg hassan yer..saya x perasan dia la malam dinner tu....hahaha..
  3. Username: mackiller Real Name (*optional) : iqbal/iqubal Favorite HW designer : chojiro/yabumoto Age (*optional) :26+++ Collecting since: january 2011 Favorite castings : 55 chevy panel,64 chevy panel,custom62 chevy, 2010 camaro ss, 2012 camaro zl1 other collection: power/trick kite,transformers
  4. ahahah..thanks guys...dah lama x buka forum....heheh
  5. lawa nye chevy panel tu...uish racun!!!!!...
  6. minta maaf kalau saya terbuka kotak hot wheels yg belum di buka...
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