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PC Game Modding Community

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      This contains announcements and updates.

    2. Site Help & Support

      You can get help and support for anything on the website.

    3. Designers' Projects / Members' Wishlists

      This section will contain project threads by designers of mods for PC games.  Also members can start wishlists in this section.

    4. PC Game Help & Support

      This section is for any kind of support for any PC game that is on this site. 

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  1.  Blogs

    1. Show & Tells

      • Please post at least 2 screenshots when you start your show & tell.
      • You may update your show & tell twice in one day.


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  1.  Links Directory

    1. Gaming

      You can add your blog, forum. or website here if it is about any kind of gaming.  This includes PC gaming, online gaming, RPG's, board games, card games, etc.

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    1. Gaming

      This section will contain ads for anything related to gaming including PC games, online games, console games, etc.

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  2. Merriam's wild turkey South Mexican wild turkey Gould's wild turkey Rio Grande wild turkey Eastern wild turkey Osceola wild turkey or Florida wild turkey
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  4. Loving all the quads of course but amazing job on the nekkid mole rat! Wow! 😄
  5. The topic will be unlocked on November 12, 2019 and locked again on December 31,2019.
  6. spotfin lionfish or broadbarred firefish Luna lionfish or dragon's beard fish devil firefish or common lionfish African lionfish, deepwater firefish or frillfin turkeyfish clearfin lionfish, tailbar lionfish, radiata lionfish, fireworks fish or radial firefish red lionfish
  7. How to Install Mods for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.
  8. Screenshots for the jellyfish has been added.
  9. New screenshot has been added.
  10. The signs for Project Australia has been updated. Please re-download it.
  11. Phyllium giganteum Phyllium jacobsoni Phyllium westwoodii[
  12. This topic will be locked on October 31, 2019.
  13. SLGray


    A filter for downloads by KingCheetah have been added.
  14. Update: 10/18/2019 The Russian Far East has been added.
  15. Designer: SLGray Original Designer: Uliquorra Requires: My World Filter Description: The Asian black bear is filtered under Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Himalayas, the Russian Far East, and Southeast Asia. AsianBlackBearV2.z2f
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