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  2. There has been updates to 3 of animals.
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  5. There were some issues, but they sure be all fixed now.
  6. Thanks to just one VIP Member who broke the rules access to the private downloads section is now close to new members. Topic Locked
  7. v1.8.1 Updated to include the extra database entries for the Marine Species Pack and assorted new database entries.
  8. Looking for the ultimate TMT bar that will redefine strength, durability, and performance? Look no further than "Radha TMT Bar"! This extraordinary product is a game-changer in the construction industry. Crafted with precision and innovation, this TMT Bar is built to withstand any challenge thrown its way. Our commitment to social responsibility extends to sustainable practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact while producing TMT bars that contribute to the development of the construction industry. The TMT bars you purchase from Radha TMT will not only meet your construction needs, but also provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your projects are being built with the finest quality steel bar available. For unmatched strength, reliability, and a solid foundation for your construction endeavors, choose Radha TMT.
  9. @lgcfm quote: The first post have been updated.
  10. Bog Pack Rock Fix - Bog Pack Adder Fix -
  11. Some screenshots have been added.
  12. v1.7.10 Updated Database Entries for new paths and pylons from the free decorations update.
  13. Thanks to @Dylan Hooton a new image has been added.
  14. There were some issues in the last 3 days. If you are still encountering any issues, please reply to this topic with a full description. If you can, please post screenshots of the issues, too.
  15. classifieds raovat24 . If you need to buy or sell anything, please go to our forum right away. We are very pleased to welcome you The interface of the forum has been adjusted by us to be suitable and easy to post quickly. What are you waiting for, register as a member Note: under the terms or service NO sexually explicit and obscene content is allowed. So you won't see it allowed on our site even though it's 18+, thank you
  16. If you just want names in game, you can edit the number folder in the lang folder. When you do that, your game will be able to read the files in side, but the names will be in the language of the original folder.
  17. I hope the original English version gets found someday.
    The overall of this forum is amazing. You got a astonishing theme, organized. The best part is the Graphic Request, you'll never be disappointed with your request. 😃
    This is a great place to advertise.
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