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  4. Do you have any other remakes/variants?
  5. it doesnt work for me none of my orcs have this variant
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  7. Some screenshots have been added.
  8. Since there is no activity in this topic, it will be locked. It will be open in the future, but there is not a set time for it yet.
  9. Did you get the WNW Mountain Tapir to work?

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  11. Bethea's Byte can be called a political forum because of all the political news that is posted. In reality, Bethea's Byte is an opinion-driven forum. The recipe is simple. I post the news, I post a poll if necessary. I add my commentary to it. You stop by and drop your opinion on the article, the pole or my opinion. Pure and simple. Now its time to stop talking about it and for you to come by, check out the articles and drop in your opinions. I call it Bethea's Byte, but I look forward to seeing you "BYTE BACK!"
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