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i'm looking for all these cars... lmk if u want to sell (pm me price), i'll post my trade list later... meet me at friday gathering/sunday fleamarket amcorp/HWCM dinner

$UPER TH i want...
2010 69 MUSTANG
2010 shelby daytona
2005 morris cooper yellow

$UPER TH i have...
2010 chevy camaro(reserved)
2010 gangster grin
2010 ford gtx1
2008 qombee
2008 bad badgers

REGULAR TH i want...
baja beetle
old 5.5
2011 57 chevy
shelby daytona

REGULAR TH i have...
all 2010 TH except baja beetle, old 5.5, mustang
2007 c6r black x2pcs
2011 impala

basic cars i want...

datsun bluebird

sand blaster
bugatti veyron walmart
16 angel mystery car

red evo(2009 2 pack/10pack version)
purple CS evo

black sm reventon

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wanna help you also I need most of the cars you need as well..
However, I remember saw some Toyota RSC concept @ 7e around Cheras/Pandan area a month back.. but can't recall which outlet..
Is that the Blue Toyota RSC concept rite?

For TH DK and Viper, someone told me a 7e outlet in Balakong is still having those in stocks.. which outlet? not sure..

for vw 181, try 7e in Nilai (bangi and nilai not very far).. I remember saw those orange vw 181 hangin on pegs..

thats the best help I can give so far..

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wow, bro mushroom, u spot check almost all the 7e la....i do have the toyota rsc for sale longtime ,no taker, i gave it as a christmas gift last week la...

Hi matbear,
if u wan thunt,i have extra to trade or sale,if interested pm me or call me for the price ;
fire eater x3
bad bagger x 2
qombee x 2
drift king
camaro 67


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tq mushroom... hari ni mau pusing2 nilai dulu... malam pulak pusing2 kl sambil countdown 2010

alfagta... i do have qombee n badbagger ... ill update with u later ... mau kasi last minute hunting for year 2009...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! yeahhhh

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Boss itu Golf GTI, Viper dengan DK TH, kalau u rajin try check out stores diorang rekemen, kalau tak tak dapat gak datang je memana gathering subang ke amcorp i hulur ya tiga2 kreta.

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MAt Bear... i have kind some BASIC Car 2008 for sale.. LMK.

We can meet and discuss..

The VW team 08 also i have 2 SET spare if you are interested .


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cham2020 wrote:
i give u regular baja
u give me super enzo okay?

hahaha brapa bijik baja??? aku enzo ader 1 set jer laaa... 1 carded $ n reg... 1 loose $ n reg... xder extra... Sad

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mushr00m wrote:
bear, bila nak trade nih?
hehehehe... sebelum kehabisan stok.. Twisted Evil

adoi... silap langkah aku termakan cendawan beracun ko nih... abis terbang satu2nyer $ baja beetle aku... scratch

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