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Happy new year!

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I wanted to say happy New Year everyone!

My prayer is this is a year of restoration in families and any and all types of relationships and they shall be restored! My prayer is for you to be blessed above and beyond measure! My prayer is that you will walk in a new freedom and victory in your lives. Those of you who had promises from the Lord will see them come to pass in abundance in this new year and a new and fresh wine will be replaced in the new wine skins that will come upon your lives. All the ground the enemy took will be given back to you double.I pray that you will prosper and be filled to over flowing. Let this be a year of victory over your lives and launching into your destiny's.

Happy New Year!

Be filled with his spirit and decree and declare what this year will bring over your lives.


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Thanks Jeanie and the same to you!

I also wish everyone all the best for 2009 and pray that the Lord blesses everyone exceedingly abundantly!

happy dance

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