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This is heavy

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I need a prophetic word and quick. I did some writing for this guy and
I'm supposed to be helping him out with his website. He's a mormon,
and he's laying it on pretty thick with me. I figure there's not much
use in arguing theology, because mormon's just touch and go on the
Bible and they land back on the BOM. So, I'm consistently trying to
let him know how much Jesus loves him and sharing with him my
experiences that have shown Jesus' compassion for me. He's a nice guy
and he considers me a friend already. He's also "psychic" from what he
tells me....he confirmed this with me a couple of days ago. I saw a
spirit (or a vision....I usually don't see stuff) of a young boy the
day before yesterday and he told me that it was my sister-in-law's
unborn child hanging around their house. I'm pretty sure it was a
vision I saw, and if he is right (I'll know in 6/7 years I guess), then
he truly has this gift. I have a similar gifting (seer), I don't
usually see things, but I feel things like other people's pain and
their healing at times. So it's like were both football players,
playing on opposite teams. He wants to convert me to become a mormon
and he's not lead by the Holy Spirit with his gifting; and I want to
convert him to become a Christian and I am lead by the Holy Spirit.

The problem I'm having is that I feel like he's attracted to me, and
I'm feeling a little attracted to him. He says really flattering
words. He even said a couple of days ago, "My intentions would never
be to take you away from your husband." Most people on this site know
that I'm separated from my husband, so flattery from a man is hard to
pass up. When this guy said that to me, I felt kind of a scared
feeling. I'm drawn to him in a weird, infatuated sort of way. I feel
like he's trying to draw me into him. I think he might be a
necromancer and is asking his dead family what to do with me and
getting advice. He says he sees spirits of old relatives in his place
at night. Sometimes up to one hundred at a time. He says that they
tell him he's not doing enough. My reaction to him telling me was,
"Wow, that's exhausting! How can anyone sleep with that racket?" He
says he's also seen Jesus three times, which I want to believe. He's a
kind guy and I want to be sensitive to his feelings, but something
isn't right obviously. I don't know if God wants me to give up on the
friendship, or to help him find Jesus. I don't know if "I'm the one"
to help him. Maybe I'm the only one, being that I'm probably one of
the few he talks to about these types of things.

I feel like if I abandon this friendship, it'll really damage him. I
don't want to damage him, but I'm wondering what God wants there, if
God wants me around this guy at all. I want a word from the Lord
because I want to feel peace about making a decision there. I won't
decide what to do until I feel peace in my heart about the right thing
to do. Please help if you have a word for me.

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bandaid bandaid bandaid um i wood go any further sweety,,hes a trukload of trubles in a different format,,i kno u need some lovein but hes got baggage 2 afrika,,just be cordial,,u dont need any more turmoil in ur life rite now ,,ur trtin 2 stabilise,,flattering words come frm tha serpent,, bandaid ,,im hope u think about this,,um im certain my sistas will say the same but even tuffer,, bandaid huggins D

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Guest Guest
With all respect and in love
Unforgiveness open doors and attract the unwanted
as long as we are outside the will of the Lord this is what happen
in front of you is developing the complete attack from the enemy
Resist the devil and it shall flee from you.
and according to the manifestation a trick from the devil
the childrens souls belongs to the Lord..
If this manifestations are so powerfull you are under a spell
Mormons oath is the same as the wiccan
Depart .Flee from them my people!!
Theres is not light in them..But the Lord shall judge all their works..
The practicers of witchcraft will not enter heaven.
Trust the word of the Lord..even if you see signs test the spirit..with the word of the Lord..
Come to the Light of the word.
Keep yourself Holy.as God is Holy.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.
As long as you walk in righteousness the thief will not have power over you.
repent and seek the Lord in true.
He will restore and heal.

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Guest Guest
Blessed be the Lord because he expose the origin of things
it is written:
If the thief is discovered and exposed He shall return double what he has stolen.
Claim it..it is yours!!

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bandaid um i just got the scrip,,''hav no fellowship wiv the works of darkness'' i think thats how it goes,, flower

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Christa, resist the enemy and he will flee from u.
There is no point in staying as a friend to this man- no fellowship between light and darkness. A little flirtation here, seduction of ur spirit and ur life and that of ur little girl is in peril! Mbstudent is correct. God abhors witchcraft seriously! Run from it

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I told him it's best not to call or e-mail each other. Although it makes me sad, I feel it's for the best.

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I could not agree more with the statements here. If he is chosen of God then the Lord will show you that. No rush....wait on the Lord and see what he would have you to do.

Love in Jesus,


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