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Linda Irish


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The sheep will hear the voice of God. The Bible says it’s true. Of course its true…it is in the word of the Living God, that very same word that became flesh and walked among us. So how come so many believers are frustrated when they do not hear the voice of God?

There are so many ways that God speaks to us. In my life I have felt the leading of the Holy Spirit…by Gods peace I have felt led. When I was twenty two, God spoke literally and audibly to me from the sky. One time I was playing Scrabble and God spelled out a very specific message to me to remind me of something important. God gives me dreams that have messages for me and others and sometimes God tells me in my spirit or my mind to do something. When it is a big request or when I do not have certainty that this is truly the Living God, I ask for confirmation when I need it. Satan tries to imitate God and the Bible says satan can come to us as a being of light...satan tries hard to confuse and trip us up, I want to walk in Gods light. I want Gods discernment.

God is not annoyed by the He fact that I want confirmation from Him. my dad, the Father of us, knows that I want to serve only Him. My Father knows that I love Him. God gets all the glory, I am His kid, happy to learn how to go about doing the will of the Father. I want to get it right. I am excited and happy to be his kid! When I was growing up once in awhile my dad would ask me if I’d like to go to the auto parts store with him. (Poor guy…had only a house full of girls for so many years) I was so happy to be with my dad. Did I want to go to the boring stinky dirty car parts store with my dad? You bet. I so loved my father and adored any time that I could spend with him…and to this day that stinky oily old car smell reminds me of how much I love my father. Sometimes that obedience to God can feel like a stinky dirty car parts store…obedience isn‘t always pleasant, .but it is worth it because we love our Father. It pleases Him. It is the confirmation that we are honoring our Father by believing him.

God tells us to test the spirits, because satan is a roaming lion looking for whom he may destroy…I only want to please God, not the enemy so I ask for God to confirm what he has said to me, not because I don’t trust God, but because I want to obey only God. I don’t want the enemy to have a foothold in my life in any way.

If God tells you to do something, do you do it? I have come to believe through my experiences with God…that if he tells us something and we don’t do it……over and over again…before too long He will just stop asking us to do things. ……that is until we do that one thing that we are trying to ignore and justify. ….Its like we are saying, “God you know me…I will do anything you want …except that one thing …I am only human” but God is pulling together and raising an army that will go out and do the will of the Father. They are the faithful that believe God and it is accounted to them as righteousness (as this is how God looked at Abraham and God is not a respecter of persons.) If God says that Abrahams believing is counted as righteousness it is true for all his children as well.

If we can’t be faithful in the “small things” that he tells us to do…how can we expect God to keep talking to us. This is not a hobby…God loves his children yes….but don’t we want Our Father to look upon us and say “Well done my good and faithful child?” I do. I want dialogue with my dad in heaven. I want a daily camaraderie with my father and I want to go about doing His will on this earth. It begins with believing God and then if you believe….do what he says. Don’t pick and choose which instructions from the Lord are important and which are not….they are written on your heart…you know. Make no provision for any rebellion against the word of the Living God.

Swearing once in a while, a white lie, a partial truth, anger against a sister or brother, judgment against the one that satan used to terrorize you, pride, ……Nail these to the cross…forgive, ask god to forgive you for judging your enemies, pray for your enemys………..begin again. Every word that comes from the father is worthy of our believing and obeying. Believe God. If you truly believe God obedience will follow…that is your fruit, your confirmation.

God speaks to us with the written word the Bible…..do we obey ?
God speaks to us through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Do we obey ?.
God has His ways written on our heart so that we do not sin against Him….do we obey?

God tells us to call that friend
Visit that neighbor
Pray for your enemies
Cast your cares on him
Do not judge others
Have no other Gods above Him…like our children, our mates, our passions, our hobbies our will our …(you fill in… ………. ) or do we think we are so busy in this life we don’t really have the time to spend with God…believe God…walk in his ways and

If we are not obeying God….we are not really believing Him. If we believe that a rain storm is coming we bring and umbrella, we are prompted to action by our belief that is will rain. If we believe the gas gauge on the car when it shows near empty, …we go straight to the gas station. If a woman believes that she is pregnant…she begins to turn down that glass of wine and eat well. The fruit of our believing….spurs us into action. So, in other words...That is the fruit of faith. …..action. walking in the word of God which is the meat.

So, pondering all this. When you wonder why you may not hear the voice of God as often or as clearly as you long for….consider these things. Are you believing God…(look for the fruit to provide confirmation, does your action (obedience) confirm this? That is the confirmation on are you believing God.
When you begin to look forward to obeying God whenever the opportunity arises…and exercise this at every opportunity…before long you will begin to clearly hear His voice….because:

who are the children of God? They are the children of the promise…the ones who believe God.

~~~~~~~For Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness~~~~~~

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Oh, God, Linda that was so beautiful and how I feel, and what I know. It was like a song in the night. Thank you. Kisses,kisses, kisses.

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Wow, Linda what a timely message. God bless you, what a gem you are! Praise God, Thank you Father!

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