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Need some help with making an excel table

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I am asking for help because I am taking a class and need to input information into cells.
I asked the teacher to allow me to do it in Word becaue the info wont fit in the cells she said yes but it has to be in a table. So I am back where I started!
Does anyone know how I can type data in cells so the row will expand to fit the data?
thanks !

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justblueskies -

- enter the data into the cell
- hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard
- move your cursor to the top of the column that your data is in. Click to highlight the column. Now click on 'Format' from the Menu at the top of the page, then select 'Column' then AutoFit Selection. The column width should automatically adjust to fit the data that you inputted.

If the column is now too wide (which may happen because of other data in the column or the column heading title), then double click on the column divider line on the right side of the column (hope that was clear....)

You can also check out the Microsoft Help site:

Hope this helps! flower

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