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Hi family missed you.

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Hi all,

I have been a bit out of touch this week had allot going on. I went on vacation since the surgery I was to have was canceled until Sept 22. I was gone over the last week and just got home tonight. I must say my bed feels real good. lol!

As I went back home I had experienced a few things I would like to share if that is all right. ☕

Awhile back I thought maybe I was to move back home to Cali and I really felt at the time the Lord was leading me back there, " but the doors were closing to housing. I went back to the Lord going Lord I throught you wanted me to go there so I took steps and so Lord you closed the doors. I thanked the Lord for His faithfulness.

Well when I went back home this week I realized why the Lord closed the doors, it was because there was nothing left there for me it was as if the book closed on my old life there. I moved here where I live now almost 1 year ago. As I have been here it has been as if I moved to the dessert. I have not found a church that just wants Jesus instead I have found a church filled with programs and agenda's. What I had said may rattle some of you but this is my walk and this is what I have seen in many of the churches I have gone to. I live in a little town in the country. I am hungry for a people who just want to be in the presence of our Beloved Jesus just desiring Him and out of that flows the power of the Holy Spirit flows through us. It is not about agendas or programs it is out of spirit and truth in worship flows the living water in our states in our cities and in our Nation. SO it does not matter where I am he will always direct my path.

Allot of us I believe in this hour feel as if we are in the dessert and everything we thought or even every word that has been given to us it seems as if we are going in the wrong direction of the prophetic word of the Lord. The truth is it is the right direction that will bring us around to the prophetic word. There is a refiners fire burning within us because Gods set backs will be set ups for what lies ahead.

Anyway I am back and very tired tonight I need sleep. Hugs to you all, and be encouraged in the dessert and in the wilderness because God has something He has designed for you that He is preparing you for through the refiners fire.


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