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Linda Irish

Hey Kids...I Need Your Prayers...

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The "regular" Mia Sherwood homies....(lol) know that God recently had me set all my things aside to finish writing a book that He has been leading me to write for 8 years...I was so excited to get this completed and the next thing God instructed me to do was to host a book study in our home, and God told me that He would bring in 7 people. Well that will be this Friday and I have never done this before...(yes i have stepped out to obey God before, but never hosted a Book Study in my home) I am walkiing in the Spirit and asking that you my friends will hold me up in prayer, especially on Wednesday when I will be fasting...I want to pay attention to what God has or us. I am excited for the wonderful things God is doing in our lives.....thanks a lot guys!!!!!
Please intercede against any plots of the enemy...a safe harbor of peace and brotherly love and the blessings of revelation from the Father of us, as well as the fullness of the Spirit of God is what I desire. God Bess

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