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  2. I did and I also reinstalled Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate collection just to be sure, and now the Indus River Dolphin appears thanks.
  3. Remove all other mods and check.
  4. the one mod that I most certainly have is Aurora design's Radical Remake. I always use that mod, but i'm not sure if that's the cause of the Indus River Dolphin not appearing.
  5. I tried but the Indus River Dolphin still doesn't show up.
  6. Do we have any mod designers for other games? If yes, would you like to share your creations here? If yes, please reply with the name of the games.
  7. I installed it, but the Indus River Dolphin is missing, the Otter and the Turtle do appear.
  8. the first time I downloaded and tried to install this part of "Arabian Nights" I got the message from my computer that it's an unsafe download.
  9. my favourite animal are saochilong,parasaurolophus
  10. My fav animal or fish is a oscar or any large cichilds
  11. It also includes a hack that adds the missing Guest folders to the pack so that zoo visitors can see the animals.
  12. Welcome to both of you to the VIP Members group.
  13. i have hundreds of fave animals but my top 2 faves are smilodons and Bengal tigers
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