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  1. I have all of the items except wonderland shelf.....if you want any just send a friend request :mummy: :monster:
  2. facebook link added.......thanks!
  3. Hey guys....Grady and I haven't been playing since Feb. of this year, some of you may remember that my grandson was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the age of 14 months and has since had three surgeries, multiple blood and platelet transfusions and just finished 5 weeks of radiation with the result of no tumours. He must still finish with some heavy chemotherapy that requires hospitilization of 7 days for one treatment and usually a quick visit for the other treatment. He has endured so much hospital time because of various blood infections as a result of the chemo wiping out his immune system.. New tests will be done in mid November and we are praying and hoping that the results will show that the chemo is working. So hey, now you know what I've been doing with some of my free time. When I haven't been worrying myself sick over Elias or assisting my husband who was permanently disabled last year I decided to try some of the Zynga games on facebook but I really missed pet society. I no longer have any of my pet society friends because one day I opened facebook and all my games and contacts were gone! I've made new friends for the Zynga games but I can't seem to find anyone who plays pet society and I did not keep a backup of my ps friends. So please, somebody send me a few friend requests so I can get back into the game. thanks
  4. Lea, thank you so much for your kindness. Elias is scheduled for surgery on Wed. morning to remove the tumor, part of the surrounding muscle and another check on the lymph nodes. Radiation will be considered if the tumor cannot be completely removed and a follow up treatment of at least 48 weeks of chemotherapy. I have been taking photos like mad because right now he is a happy smiling bay so full of fun. He has been allowed to return home until the surgery.
  5. I have been a bit preoccupied for quite awhile so I've missed all the sets since before Valentine's day so if you still have a set may I trade for one please?
  6. Elias has been diagnosed with....rhabdomyosarcoma....it is a rare form of muscle cancer. You may want to Google the name because I did several times. Now here is the ironic part....this cancer is rare but is common in children who get cancer (actually that is about 1% of 350) but cancer in a child of Elias's age is rare. His tumor is about the size of a grape which is kind of big when you have a little neck. He will have an MRI and Bone Marrow Biopsy today and hopefully we will find out the sub-type of the cancer and at what stage it is in. We have started a Facebook Group named Support for baby Elias where we will be posting the results from todays tests and we are being optimistic about the future. Please join as it is comforting to know that we are not alone in caring. IF YOU ARE A MOM OR DAD; give extra hugs today,please. IF YOU ARE A KID; give your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or anyone who worrys about you and tries to make your life safe...give them an extra hug today....it's tough being a parent and when someone says "this hurts me more than it hurts you"....they mean it. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and just everything.....thanks to PS I am able to entertain Elias's brother Mateo(he's 3 1/2) because he just loves the fishing!
  7. It hurs me to say that Elias did not have a completely successfull surgery....the tumor was cancerous and was removed but the Cancer is elswhere in his body....I am leaving Sunday morning to be with my daughters, their husbands and Mateo and Elias. Mateo is 3 and a half years old and only understands that his brother is sick. The staff and Doctors have been woonderfull to Jessie and Kurt and Elias will be starting Chemo treatments immediately. I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, thoughts and wishes. I ask again that you keep my baby in your hearts and prayers and if someone can tell me why a baby gets Cancer then maybe I won't keep feeling devastated. Thank you friends
  8. I know I haven't been to the forum much lately...first it was the glitch in my game for so long and lately it has been because of family....my grandson Elias turned one year old in December and he has been admitted to the Calgary Childrens Hospital and will undergo surgery tomorrow to remove a tumour and then endure multiple tests that didn't tell enough the first time. My daughter Jessie(her member name is jessdf and her pet is Frappy) has asked me to get as many prayers for Elias as I can and like any mother I will do whatever I can for my children. I'm not asking for miracles, just a prayer that things will go well tomorrow and maybe an extra request that just in case we need it our family will have strength and hope. thank you, shirley
  9. still no resolution from Playfish regarding the problems and I was so fed up I thought I would delete the game and then restart it ( I know they save the data). I deleted and restarted the application and found out they save ALL the data including the problems. No trading, no gifting, no messages! I can find Hideeni and share the roses with others but when I collect the roses and go home...nothing. I hate not being able to share and trade!
  10. thanks for the tips...tried two different browsers, deleting cookies, etc. and nothing has changed in the game....still seeing that foolish blinking envelope.....so darn frustrating!
  11. Ever since I've been stuck with the flashing mail icon in the game, I have been unable to receive gifts or traded items....I've gotten the roses but when I get sent to PS there is nothing there....I don't receive the mail that has been sent either. I know items and mail have been sent but none of it will show up in the game and Playfish have NOT resolved the problem yet and after many requests, still no reply. Sorry to anyone I have traded with, but if this ever gets fixed and I actually receive the items all trades will be concluded.
  12. sent payment of 4x4999 as I could not connect to psfc in the am to double check the cost and did not want you to wait for payment. Items received and thanks for the trade. rep point given.
  13. I will take 2 sets of mb items if you have them and do I owe you any more for the earlier trade?
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