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  1. Maybe it goes back to the "who is ?" mystery a little while ago?
  2. I'd like to see them do more of this. Like Google does for holidays.
  3. looks like a Playfish players club of some sort?
  4. Coming soon to PS or to petsociety.forumotion.com? :fishing:
  5. I can't believe they are bringing candy corn back!!! There are going to be a lot of unhappy people who paid a lot of coins for theirs! I know it's not exactly the same but close enough :friends:
  6. Waiting for the new window and door!
  7. how cute is that jack-o-lantern fish!
  8. Some cute items! I would rather look at them than like this. I find some things too small when I try to view them on Youtube. I wonder if next week will be more Halloween?
  9. lol cute. My pet always asks for the rare items like sparkling fruit juice.
  10. hmmm...there is a clearance sale sign. I wonder if PS is intending to remove all items from a certain store(s)? That would be great!
  11. I just want to know if they have maintenance daily like Pet Society OK, I'm exaggerating but it would be interesting to know if they are using the same platform or maybe a more stable one?
  12. Some cute stuff...some I like some I find too sweet. I know I'll end up buying it all though :59:
  13. Ok scratch that. I see the new items are now up. I must be timing my visits wrong
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