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  1. Well...i only noticed an hour ago..lol ...but then again...i don't usually scroll down to the end either congratulations According to previous posts here...its been less than 24 hours since someone first noticed it. I have a hard time believing that the sale has been going on for a full week! Somebody would have noticed...i think...lol

    I'm off to buy what i can afford now and hope that i still have a few days to get it all...lol

  2. CharlotteLouise wrote:

    Lucky Strike wrote:
    Harder yeah... But for me is more exciting as well!!!!!!!!!

    And also a perfect way to perfect our English! Laughing

    English is my first language and I'm still finding "er" hard Laughing

    Ditto! (english first language)....and like i said....i'm going to have to check an "online" dictionary!
    But the harder it is...i agree...the more exciting it is! congratulations

  3. I'm afraid to look Laughing

    I don't want to like a new game! I have no time as it is!
    Maybe i'll finally give in and check it out today
    Hopefully it automatically shows neighbours and when gifting there is a "Frontier ville" playing list.

    BTW....i like "my empire" congratulations it has some issues but i like decorating my city Smile I don't have to spend to much time on it and it looks pretty congratulations

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