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  1. It's normal....i do it to! I would just use the stereo but...when i put the volume up real high...my kids actually get louder than they usually are...and in the end i just get a bunch of noise coming from all corners of the house!
    The Mp3 is the only way to go if you just wanna hear your favorites loud!!!

  2. Hi! I noticed the "hair towel" congratulations Is it that white one that is in or was in GMB's?
    I would really like one...please:) I don't have that and the mud mask looks funny without the towel on Kiki's head!!

    I still haven't had more time to go through my stuff...but as soon as i can..i will be sending more items...sorry for the delay.

  3. I've been playing since the start and so has my oldest son. We have never had any problems with loading or anything else. It runs smooth for us..no problems what so ever.
    Unfortunaltely he does not have enough friends so building anything that requires more than 8 friends is impossible. I wont be able to build anything that requires more than ten...so far i'm not at a high enough level to see if its going to be an issue Smile
    I dislike the fact that friends don't automatically show up as neighbours. I have no idea who plays and who doesn't and don't want to spam all my friends with an invite.

    Otherwise...i find the game kinda fun..no pressure to really get anything and i can abandon the game for a few days without really losing anything. Simple really.

  4. lea75 wrote:
    tell your other kids to add me hun, then I can help out...I only have Didi on my friends list xx

    awww..thanks BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! congratulations
    I'll tell them tomorrow. Until Didi added you and your mom ..i was super PS mom! I always had the highest level on their list...now...your houses and pets are more interesting than mine and i'm no longer the coolest

  5. OMG!! I love it all!!! I want the cruise, the safari and the arabian nights...the statue, the espresso machine, the ice cream stand, the tree, the window...LOL..
    I WANT IT ALL!!!

    Next week is gonna hurt big time! I guess i should start saving Smile My kids are loving this for sure!! Last week was easy...too girly for the boys..LOL.

  6. Thanks Tiddly...wasn't thinking.....great idea!!

    Really...25cc's for a wig or even the fountain ..or...even the previous items is too much. You could get a whole room...and something to put in it for the same price. I'd rather have a petling than a totem pole any day!!

    Yay for the good note on the flower seeds! Glad those can be gifted after grown!! Thanks Kasi!!!
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