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  1. Ames wrote:
    Kiki Lolo wrote:
    May i please have the crystal heart and spooky lava lamp congratulations

    If we are limited to one item then...i would like the crystal heart Smile

    Thank you Ames

    TUT!!! Asking for 2 items when i said you could have three.... LOL!

    I'M A DORK!!!
    Maybe i didn't have enough coffee in me when i posted
    I've had THREE cups of JAVA since then.....i'm all right now!!

  2. Very pretty! If i was to buy one...LOL....i would want the (hope for) swans congratulations

    My daughter on the other hand...would wish for dolphins Smile

    Too bad this is also not trade-able..lol...cause if my daughter and i bought them..she would get the swan and i would get the dolphin...lol (Murphy's Law)

  3. sinenomine wrote:
    My son bought the arabian package some days ago and he didnt get the tent, I am happy that he will get it eventually

    LOL! My son to!! He will be soooo happy to finally get it. The tent was the only reason he wanted a vacation package in the first place and took the gamble of buying one pacakage with the luck (not at the moment) (but soon to change) of actually getting the Arabian Nights Vacation!

  4. Foxpoly wrote:
    playfish announced that they rempved arabian tent from arabian package Sad
    so it isn't a glitch

    Did they remove the item before telling us?
    If i had known...then my poor son (not Didi...another one...lol) would not have bought a package. We too were surprised not to find the tent in with the other items...it was the only item that he really wanted!
    The "arabian" vacation was the one he wanted and he got "lucky" (not now...looking back) that it was the one he got when he bought the vacation (this was after you could no longer "gift" a specific one)
    He got: wallpaper, floor, snake, a girl top and bottom, and a boy top and bottom. 6500 is expensive for 7 items and being a boy...2 items are not wearable!! LOL!
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