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  1. Okay...i really hate that the "building with friends" items can't be gifted!!!!! I was planning to give two of my wigs to my daughter cause she didn't get them yet and i had lots. Now what?!?!!?! My kids manage to get maybe two (usually one) item a week and i was giving them my extras!! And the price?? 25 Cash Coins!!! Insane!!!!

    Whats the point of not making an item giftable? I have CC items that i don't use and would have loved to give them to some of my kids friends. We do surprise them with items for their birthdays but that's limited...

    I am curious about the flower seeds from the "free gift" thing. Can the flower be gifted when grown....i hope so Smile

  2. I was hoping for some input here congratulations I plan to change the colour of the wig but i don't know which one is the best suited for Kiki. I've got three wigs so i will be colouring two of them. I would love your input on which two colours you think Kiki should choose.

    I posted this cause its a really cool glitch that freaked me out when i went into Petville about a month ago. I am no were near level 100 with all of those points! I thought someone had gotten into my game somehow and was messing with my stuff. I was quick enough to take a couple of pics and logged out to refresh the glitch out. My points and level were back to normal after that. Just thought i'd share the pic congratulations

  3. I forgot to watch the second semi finals...oops Smile

    My favorites in the first semi finals were the songs " Me and my guitar" and "Opa". I can't remember which country is "me and my guitar" but "opa" is from Greece.
    Greece never lets me down with their entries...year after year they have my vote Smile
    I also don't know if any of those two made it to the finals and also have no idea if "ours" (Croatia) did either. The only time i really liked one of Croatia's entries was back in 1998 when Danijela Martinovic sang. Smile Going to check out the "official" Eurovision 2010 site later on for some more info.

  4. Sorry to hear about your comp!

    I unplug EVERYTHING in the house during storms. This could be at 3am or 3pm, i will walk around the whole house unplugging tv's,dvd,stereos, plugged in cell phones, computers, modems and telephone lines.
    I've lost (to date)....one fax machine, one computer, two stereos and a tv. The t.v one wasn't my fault...lightening went through the antena...go figure!
    I lost my fax machine cause i forgot about the telephone wire and...aparently the lightening "jumped" to the stereo that WAS unplugged next to it.
    We have "lightening balls" sometimes. I hear about an occurance on the island about once or twice every few years. They are not fun. My husband has seen them on two occasions. They are literally balls of lightening bigger than tennis balls and sometimes they are the size of soccer balls that "float" or "wiggle" around the room for a minute, destroying electrical stuff that it touches. I guess it could burn you too...but its not happenend to anyone here.

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