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  1. Nice Tiddly!

    Happy Canada to all Canadians!

    I totally forgot about the Mountie outfit. I have Kiki dressed in red and added the maple leaf ribbon in her hair. I also decorated my front room congratulations

  2. I wish i could hoard Laughing Too many kids with their own full closets so...i'm limited to my own bedroom closet space....i would if i could congratulations
    I've gotten to the point that if an entire season goes by without me wearing something...i get rid of that item. Shoes + handbags are different story though...i have room for that

  3. yellownancy wrote:
    Kiki Lolo wrote:
    I can't believe they didn't put anything for Canada Day....sheesh...how rude!

    I'm not surprised that Playfish/PetSociety didn't put anything up for Canada Day - they didn't put anything up last year ether!!! Oh, well, maybe ONE cake that's it!!! JULY 1st - HELLO!?

    Well...i think it really is wrong....to do one but not the other....not right!!! With hideeni and his flags and now July Fourth items...it would have been nice to squeeze in a Canadian flag somewhere.....or red and white balloons.....even during the winter olympics i didn't notice any specific reference to the country hosting it....how odd.
    Aside from the cake...(i have a couple of 'em if you want one..i'll gladly share...but you won't get it till July 1st...LMAO).... there was also a maple leaf hair ribbon in the GMB Smile

  4. Gotcha congratulations

    You must be in heaven with all the Fourth of July stuff! I can't believe they didn't put anything for Canada Day....sheesh...how rude!

    Waiting to see what the cc wallpaper looks like in someones house ...i hate buying expensive stuff before i have a "visual" in room placement ...LOL

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