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  1. May i have number 14 please and thank you This is a very pretty comp Nancy
  2. May i have F3 if it is still available and the comp is still open
  3. Thank you again LAZAR. Congrats to everyone! I am off for "coffee time" with my hubby.
  4. Congrats Charlotte on getting the last "biggy"!!! Great comp...LAZAR! Fun! Fun! Fun!
  5. 193 Lazar was supposed to be 191 Charlotte....192ž My fault-i think
  6. 166 Wow...i didn't realize i was going to win something. I had just logged into PSFC less than 5 mins ago and first thing i noticed was vacation counting So i went in and typed in the next number THank you LAZAR! Great prizes and generous as always!!!
  7. Hmmmm..... Can i have number 15 please Thank you!
  8. But then the paprazzi will chase you around and you'll fall, break your nose and the boob implants you had gotten last month will pop when you hit the pavement!! I wish for a chocolate fountain !
  9. LOL!!! Very generous of you Congrats GAIA!
  10. Well..since most of the "main" and "female" characters have been covered..i'll go for MERCUTIO
  11. I came here in the same way Me too Me too
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