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  1. I made the same mistake i think. I tried to help with the first two requests i got and it wouldn't let me I've sent them personal messages...after i lost their request link and will try again in a few hours. Very frustrating...i can't even send out any new "free gifts" cause i sent out builing requests first!!
  2. Nice Tiddly! Happy Canada to all Canadians! I totally forgot about the Mountie outfit. I have Kiki dressed in red and added the maple leaf ribbon in her hair. I also decorated my front room
  3. Hi Eris May I please have set 1 This is very generous of you...all of the sets are lovely
  4. What if you are a diagnosed schizophrenic with a doctors note? "Silly Ren" is laughing... "Sensible Ren" is apologizing for "Silly Ren" makin' fun ... In other words.......BUMP
  5. I wish i could hoard Too many kids with their own full closets so...i'm limited to my own bedroom closet space....i would if i could I've gotten to the point that if an entire season goes by without me wearing something...i get rid of that item. Shoes + handbags are different story though...i have room for that
  6. I'm not surprised that Playfish/PetSociety didn't put anything up for Canada Day - they didn't put anything up last year ether!!! Oh, well, maybe ONE cake that's it!!! JULY 1st - HELLO!? Well...i think it really is wrong....to do one but not the other....not right!!! With hideeni and his flags and now July Fourth items...it would have been nice to squeeze in a Canadian flag somewhere.....or red and white balloons.....even during the winter olympics i didn't notice any specific reference to the country hosting it....how odd. Aside from the cake...(i have a couple of 'em if you want one..i'll gladly share...but you won't get it till July 1st...LMAO).... there was also a maple leaf hair ribbon in the GMB
  7. XYSTER .....a surgical instrument for scraping bones
  8. Can i pick the number 7...please Thanks Lazar
  9. I hear its working now.....i also was not able to help anyone...including my own kids....lol....i will gladly help anyone on my friends list...so send your requests to me
  10. LOL....i forgot to look in the mystery shop....i knew there was something i was forgetting!! Now i know where my this weeks earnings will be going....MYSTERY EGGS!!!
  11. Gotcha You must be in heaven with all the Fourth of July stuff! I can't believe they didn't put anything for Canada Day....sheesh...how rude! Waiting to see what the cc wallpaper looks like in someones house ...i hate buying expensive stuff before i have a "visual" in room placement ...LOL
  12. LOL!!!! Just checked-----THEY ARE STILL THERE------WE HAVE TIME!! LMAO!!!!!
  13. LOL I couldn't afford it all so i bought a few dresses. Hopefully Kiki has enough shoes and hair items in her closet and won't notice We will know in about 6 mins if this sale has been around since last Sunday...LMAO!!!!
  14. Well...i only noticed an hour ago..lol ...but then again...i don't usually scroll down to the end either According to previous posts here...its been less than 24 hours since someone first noticed it. I have a hard time believing that the sale has been going on for a full week! Somebody would have noticed...i think...lol I'm off to buy what i can afford now and hope that i still have a few days to get it all...lol
  15. Seriously...lol...does anyone know if the clothes items will disappear tonight? Cause i haven't bought any of it and if a week has already gone by without me noticing i'm in trouble...lol
  16. English is my first language and I'm still finding "er" hard Ditto! (english first language)....and like i said....i'm going to have to check an "online" dictionary! But the harder it is...i agree...the more exciting it is!
  17. LOL! Monday's are always a bit fuzzy for me too But, yeah, this is harder...being Monday or not
  18. Congratulations Foxpoly! It's a beautiful room!!!
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