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  1. OMG!! She is adorable!!! Congratulations to you both!
  2. LOL! My son to!! He will be soooo happy to finally get it. The tent was the only reason he wanted a vacation package in the first place and took the gamble of buying one pacakage with the luck (not at the moment) (but soon to change) of actually getting the Arabian Nights Vacation!
  3. May I have the mole plushie please....thank you Kasi
  4. YAY! Game three!!!! Congrats to the winners in GAME TWO!! For Game three...i would like the area....C4 Thanks Lazar!!!
  5. May i have the arabian wallpaper please Thanks Gaia..you are always so generous.
  6. Did they remove the item before telling us? If i had known...then my poor son (not Didi...another one...lol) would not have bought a package. We too were surprised not to find the tent in with the other items...it was the only item that he really wanted! The "arabian" vacation was the one he wanted and he got "lucky" (not now...looking back) that it was the one he got when he bought the vacation (this was after you could no longer "gift" a specific one) He got: wallpaper, floor, snake, a girl top and bottom, and a boy top and bottom. 6500 is expensive for 7 items and being a boy...2 items are not wearable!! LOL!
  7. Does anyone think this "limited item" will run out in the next 24 hours? It's just a wig and its 13 cc's....the wings that "fly" were 15 cc's and were gone in just over a day...i think Any thoughts???
  8. I just bought it I think it looks nice on Kiki The only things is...i had to give Kiki a slight "tan" because she is usually very pale and the pale wig just blended in with her skin colour...
  9. What a surprise! Wow, thank you! I really was impressed with all of the entries and never thought i'd actually win...Kiki and I just enjoyed making then room. It was something completely different as far as room of the week competitions go. A very original idea! Thank you!!! Will PM you later...i still haven't been into PS to see the new items today...LOL!!
  10. Thank you for my prize in the first game Now ..for the second game..... A1 and C3
  11. I haven't seen any hat or dress..lol! But yeah....we need new items in the ECO boxes. And as cute as the kitty was when she was placed on the lotto wheel...i'm bored with it to!
  12. YAY! I didn't say anything yet....i was trying to finish all of my stuff first on FB..cause i was pretty sure he would be kicking me off..LOL Good to know that i still have some play time left and he can wait till morning
  13. CONGRATS DIDI!! just wondering if i should tell him now...he's watching a film...or should i say nothing and let him find out tomorrow! he's gonna kick me off the comp if i tell him!! and with all those boxes..he'll be opening them till the wee hours of the morning!! I'LL NEVER GET BACK ON!!!! THIS IS MY TIME!!! MY TIME!!!
  14. This is Kiki's Attic...she is preparing to open up a cafe for all of her pet friends She is still deciding on a name..."Thanks A Latte" or "Pony Espresso" ...so everything is in the attic till then Sorry...maybe that one above is too small but this one below got cut off so...one of each..lol
  15. Well...maybe you should get a whole cart full of strawberries and share with all of us!! I LOVE STRAWBERRIES!!!
  16. LOL! Sounds fun! That's when i would do my shopping too if i could...no crowds! For us to go grocery shopping here...its a day trip to the mainland!!
  17. awwwwwww.......how sad.....why would they do this... i guess we can still trade the items in the sets for the ones we actually want if we get the wrong vacation.
  18. Okay...i did all that but one the top of my gift screen it says.. "send vacation ticket to"
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