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  1. I'm afraid to look I don't want to like a new game! I have no time as it is! Maybe i'll finally give in and check it out today Hopefully it automatically shows neighbours and when gifting there is a "Frontier ville" playing list. BTW....i like "my empire" it has some issues but i like decorating my city I don't have to spend to much time on it and it looks pretty
  2. i agree..."er" seems more difficult..lol. I think i am going to have to use an "online" dictionary to double check my words...
  3. May I please have the doll house bathroom and doll house toy room? Thank you thanks so much for the other two items....
  4. the number 2 please....if it is still available..lol
  5. May i please have the "doll house" landing and the "doll house" entrance? Thank you xoxoxox
  6. Great fun, Lazar Can I have the number......5? Please P.S:... Congrats on today's game! Did you watch?
  7. I think Lin Yao had: Starter: Prawn Cocktail Main: Roast Lamb dinner Pudding: Fruit Cake
  8. if you still have it....i'll trade I was off the last few days..been totally busy with stuff in RL. I'll PM you...just in case you don't see this
  9. I would like B1 please...if it is still available
  10. no problem ...but I cant get into PS at the moment ...will send asap x no worries...even if you were able to send it...i wouldn't be able to get it!...LOL I haven't been able to get into PS for hours!!!
  11. Kasi, may i please have the scarecrow mask? Thank you
  12. here its sunny and hot..but...i am feeling a bit of humidity...so it must be raining somewhere close by. @Spooky...congrats on the SAFE TRADER badge!!
  13. i had the glitch this morning...now i can't get in at all even with the "new day in PS" glitch..i didn't have the time to visit more than 50 friends all together ...lol
  14. If there is lightening ....don't forget to UNPLUG EVERYTHING!!! ...including modem!!
  15. These are items i would like to trade.... For any of these (i don't have them): attic storage attic bedroom window living room daddy cat mommy bunny baby bunny Thanks
  16. Kiki Lolo

    HUGS for Gaia

    Sorry to hear you're having a bad day Big hugs from me xoxox
  17. TUT!!! Asking for 2 items when i said you could have three.... LOL! I'M A DORK!!! Maybe i didn't have enough coffee in me when i posted I've had THREE cups of JAVA since then.....i'm all right now!!
  18. May i please have the crystal heart and spooky lava lamp If we are limited to one item then...i would like the crystal heart Thank you Ames
  19. Very pretty! If i was to buy one...LOL....i would want the (hope for) swans My daughter on the other hand...would wish for dolphins Too bad this is also not trade-able..lol...cause if my daughter and i bought them..she would get the swan and i would get the dolphin...lol (Murphy's Law)
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