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  1. Beauty and the Beast is a brilliant idea... Maybe the GOLDEN GOOSE and we can have an animated golden goose that lays little golden eggs each day. The eggs could have cash coins or regular coins in them when we click to open them OR, an animated "Ugly Duckling" pond where we could have little ducks, swans and ugly ducklings swimming around. It would be a pond that we can place in the room and add our choice of items to float on the surface. But i would not want it too big to cover an entire floor...less than half would be good Can't think of anything else at the moment but i like everyones ideas so far and would love to see all of them in PS
  2. The wig for me is fabulous!! I am sooo glad that it is a "new arrivel" instead of TWS! Now i have time to collect coins and buy one or two a week so i can colour them I have not had the time to dig lately and hopefully when i do give it a go this week. i'll get the plushie...its very cute. Mind you, i still haven't gotten the aquarium..lol.. or the black cat in the EGYPT dig!!! I think the items are sweet and the design is nice. I truly love the ice cream shoppe
  3. Can i guess again ..after you have told me HIGHER or LOWER??? If so... I guess 75 000
  4. I bought one too. I just don't know where i should put it ..LOL! Should it go into the fairy garden, the new garden, or just somewhere in my regular gardens?? It's permanent..not planning on up-rooting it so i gotta find the perfect spot. I am leaning towards the fairy garden cause there are some pink accents in their and the new garden seems kinda dark for that tree.
  5. I sent an f/r but it wouldn't let me leave a message ...how strange ...hmmmmm Anyway..."Renata N." is me
  6. I'll take the last one I think its number 3
  7. LOL..i saw the chocolate fountain in friends houses and wondered where it was from....i guess i should open a few MB
  8. Very generous of you Mango May i please have the RED JUKE BOX and the CHRISTMAS SANTA MAYOR PICTURE (i think it was in GMB for a limited time during this past christmas2009) Thank you
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