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  1. Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! Yes, i had a fabulous day. It started with my husbands tradional candle in the croissant breakfast...which is safer and cleaner than the kids and him making me a cake in my kitchen! My youngest son gave me 37 kisses and mentioned that he doesn't know how many more years he will be able to do this for me cause in a few years...it's going to take him ALL day to get all those years turned into kisses...lol. Ariana (my lovely princess) and I went out for drinks at one restaurant, then went to a small private beach for swimming and then went to another restaurant for dinner. Now I'm just waiting for my older to kids to go to bed and then hubby and i can have a few glasses of wine on the terrace. Hugs to you all for thinking of me today.
  2. My birthday started 24 minutes ago I just turned 27....oooopppps...i mean 37
  3. HI! Hoping big time that you still have carriage available. Pretty please and thank you!
  4. May I please have an Egyptian Oasis Lazar? Thank you!!
  5. I love the room! Very nicely done! Congratulations Kokonee!!!
  6. Wonderful news!!! Congratulations!! I am sooooo happy for you both!!
  7. Your "new" one looks great!!! I haven't bought one yet but I see your point!
  8. Thank you for the reminder with pictures The new set up of the stores has me barely passing the just arrived items, and never venturing further into the shop, i would most likely not notice I sometimes forget to go to all the sections in one store :/
  9. helped with the drill and also clicked on your PS lake building thing
  10. yeah they drive me bonkers too..lol I will go now and find your request
  11. May I have B2 if it is still available...please and thank you
  12. Okay...i only had the foie gras one so i sent that Would like a hug in return ...lol....having one of those days again
  13. I'll go check now if i've got any of that Can you tell me where to get "prarie poop" or whatever its called? I got all the others from the animals and can't find this one. Also...what are the slate, chalk, and other school stuff for? LOL..i have no idea!!!
  14. I got a Slovak flag last night! So they have added flags. I have the first fifteen that were out and now have to find a few more. I hope they take some out so i don't keep getting doubles, triples...etc. It will be hard to find the remaining four that i need with 20 different flags floating around.
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