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  1. I'm really looking forward to this! *dances*
  2. That's so cool! I'm so jealous! I really liked the last of the four items you had to collect to get it - I don't have CC but that room makes me wish I did!
  3. I added a screenshot to my original post! I don't know if they do change it everyday because I tried it again to no avail. But I would consider this a LOT better than the offers they usually give; you don't have to fill anything out, or give any information away. Just click and watch a commerical, save the game and you're 1 CC richer! I STILL don't like that they're making so many of the items CC items, but I think that if they keep offering this, I'm not angry like I was
  4. Oh, it worked! I didn't think it did at first, but after I saved and closed the game, it showed up that I had 1 CC when I loaded it again. It seems I can do this every day. I like this!
  5. Has anyone else seen this offer below the Flash game? It says if you watch a video, they'll give you a CC for it. I watched it, but I wasn't really sure if there was some kind of procedure... it opened in another tab, I muted it and let it run through while I put the baby to bed, and when I came back I closed the tab. There weren't any instructions or anything, so I don't really know what they wanted me to do. I hope that this does work out, and they offer it more, if they're going to keep making so many new CC items! I don't mind watching a few adverts instead of paying for them!
  6. I really like some of the winning outfits but I'm also disappointed with PF/EA about the amount of CC items they've brought out recently. It takes so much fun out of the game when I check to see what's out and I realize I won't get much of the latest items because they expect me to break out my wallet!
  7. It's beneficial for me since I don't use CC (I have in the past once or twice when my husband bought them for me as bday/xmas gifts), but I don't think it's fair.
  8. I wanted the wig very badly but I don't want to encourage PF/EA in their recent increase of CC items. Is it just me, or are over half the items CC these days?!
  9. Aw, I didn't get mine! I get Playfish stuff all the time and nothing. Oh well, it wasn't my favorite looking wig anyway ... maybe I'll get it soon. *pout*
  10. By the time I found Hideeni for the first time, I already had one friend wearing the pineapple mask XD I don't think they're a hacker, but people are going crazy over these and collecting them like mad (me included)!
  11. *APPLAUSE* They've upped the number of Boutique items and I'm just not giving in. I don't know if it's EA trying to make it into a paid game or what, but I'll quit before I spend real money on a Flash game. I pay for World Of Warcraft because that took effort to make and TONS of work to maintain - Pet Society is in two dimensions for goodness sake. I'm not spending cash on paper dolls! :dirol:
  12. You know, I think I realized what I was doing right after he was born. Since my husband was on family leave from work, and the baby slept all the time, I had just as much spare time as I did when I was on bed rest (I had some pretty bad toxemia). But now, I usually wait until I have all my chores done and everything off my to-do list, and the baby is down for a nap. I try not to get on Pet Society when my husband is home so we can spend some time together rather than spaced out in front of our respective computers... he's a big WoW geek and even though we play WoW together, we both have a tendency to become zombies in front of our monitors now and again.
  13. In retrospect, maybe not so much a business... it's not like there are more than, what, twelve employees at the very most? I can't imagine what even five people would do. Plus, there's not really much cost... it's all profit....
  14. You're welcome! Like I said, I actually enjoy the game and that's what matters - there was a time, about a year ago, that I just cycled through facebook games all day long, one right after another. I'd have it all lined up so that just as I finished harvesting crops, I could do daily trips in Pet Society, then I'd move on to feeding an aquarium and so on until the crops were done, and then I'd start all over again. It took me a while to realize what I was doing (I was pregnant at the time and on bed rest, but I could have been doing a million other productive things rather than zoning out entirely in front of the computer) and I thought... I wonder how many other people have kind of become a zombie without realizing it. But since I found this forum and playing the game got a little more social, plus I found other ways to experience it and other things to do, like mini-photo shoots and experimenting with designing outfits and rooms. And it's still a business - they have to make money somehow. As long as I'm enjoying the game and not just spacing out (like I used to!) then I'm sticking around!
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