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  1. Please Mr Balls Up Woman can I have ball number 9?
  2. just wanna share my room. i know it's not that pretty but i like it.
  3. Dear Santa, In real life i wish i could happily celebrate xmas with my loved ones, i wish everyone to be happy. i hope that people will really appreciate the wonderful things that happened during this year and of course treasure the memories. in short, i just want everyone to get what they wish this xmas. =') My pet, jhaydee, desires the penguins so much but really can't have the opportunity to buy it herself. and that's sad. =( so for this xmas she just wishes the penguin stuffs. ***penguin baby ***small penguin plushie ***large penguin plushie that's all santa. i want to thank you in advance for ur generosity and kindness to every member. I LOVE PSFC. From: Melodee and Jhaydee ^^
  4. i think i have moon rabbit dolls for spare. let me check.
  5. wow nice, but im not really fond of posting. more on reading.
  6. lol. that was a fun night. all the booting that occurred was enjoyable. aha. /me wants to thank all of you. and congrats to all. ahaha.
  7. exchange your floating ghost for my shower basket decor?
  8. 1x4999 or 5x999 or floating ghost.
  9. i got a shopping bag. 3gmbs again?
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