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Amina Salam

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  1. nice items!!!!!!!!just short on coins........all the best!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I've currently 12*5999 and 1*6666...i can make up later for the rest............anybody care to help?!
  3. aWw! Don't say like that. you will surely pass if God wills. Even It takes time for me to focus on studies, I just don't know why. 863
  4. aww...that's so sweet of you. no please, no worries:) robot visor (that robot you get after digging in the space) now please cheeeer up
  5. Hope you get it..........buuuuuuuuuuuuuump chay/forum mod
  6. aWw!!!! It's all casual, hun. It happens to all of us. Like when I used to have my boards, I used to begin singing minutes before the exam took place and it quite helped. all the best...you'll do well. 858
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